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Last night the hubby and I (once we were done in the kitchen for the day) decorated the table with all things Irish so it would be ready for breakfast this morning. We enjoyed some scones which truthfully tasted like sugar cookies! (Yay real butter!!) Almost ate my Mother’s share too they were so good. The crockpot is on with the meat cobbler in it. I had a situation with one of the packages of meat that I bought for today, thankfully I had another BIG package so there was no drama and it is simmering away as we speak. I even got Irish presents from Mimi this morning, there were some Irish linens and a cookbook and a celtic “quote” of the day! Max is even festive whether he likes it or not as I tied a green ribbon (from my present) around his collar and he also has a shamrock shaped napkin I slid over his collar which I am sure he will shred as soon as we leave the house!

We will be watching Riverdance tonight whether the hubby likes it or not! The question is how MANY times will we watch it?? The more he protests and throws negative vibes the more it gets rewound!! LOL He is totally on board with the food part of course, what he’s most looking forward to is the Pub beer that’s been sitting in the fridge!

Once he gets home from the gym we will be heading out in search of treasures and see if we can have lucky Sunday number 3!!!! We have errands and a possible bath for Max (shh don’t tell him, we need the element of surprise!) and then dinner!! So this blog is all the writing I will be doing today,however the crane folding will go on as scheduled!!

Crane count Day 42 – with help form hubby 16!!

Big shout out to Mimi for buying me a package of regular Origami paper!! makes it much easier to fold when they are a perfect square! Thank you!!!


Don’t forget to vote for next Sunday’s meal!!

I will try and post pictures of tonight later on!





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Well at this moment I should be in the yard selling off some clutter but alas the hurricane who shall not be named is dropping rain in torrents and blowing the tarp off the Mustang. Again. However, I actually have jeans on and a sweatshirt which is the most clothes I have worn in a month and although I know it’s August I at least like the option of whether or not to wear long pants! So the yard sale is post-poned which gives time for more cleaning out!! and as a result I got to spend a rare morning with the Mr.! He had swapped shifts to help with the yard sale and he did not go to the gym we went out and had breakfast instead! Yay! then we went to the store in search of Rashers (Irish bacon) for tomorrow – no luck. But that’s ok the menu is good and my Mom came home with a cloth that had an Irish blessing printed on it! so between my dishes and decorations and food we are all set.

Tomorrow’s menu officially is:

Scones for breakfast


Dinner –

Kerrygold Cheddar from Dublin!

Pub Beer

Meat Cobbler with biscuits

Mashed potatoes (or roasted) if mashed I’m tinting them green!

Possibly shamrock shaped sugar cookies if I can find my cutter or else some chocolate brownies, They like chocolate in Ireland right????!!

Then a viewing of that fast footed Flatly in “Riverdance!” Ireland , here we come! Don’t forget to vote in the new pole to tell us where we should be “eating” next Sunday!

So for the rest of today it will be spent baking and relaxing AS my editor sent the manuscript back yesterday and in 3 hours I had made her revisions and emailed it back – go me!! So we ‘re one step closer to publication!!

I celebrated by finishing the Twilight movie and thanks again to Edward and Bella I was over my crane quota for yesterday!!!

Crane count Day 41 – 18!! 🙂 woohooooo




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We are trying to “manifest” vacation and travel to destinations we have written down that we would like to go to. We are choosing one destination each week and dedicating a meal (or two) to making that dream become a reality and worst case scenario is we ate a great meal! win-win 🙂 Help us choose next Sunday’s “destination!”



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Sometimes despite your best efforts there are simply things which are beyond your control and therefore cause a change in plans. Now, if this was something you could have prevented then of course there’s bound to be some frustration! However, if it is out of your hands and you know that that element and possibility exist right from the get-go then you will be prepared for the worst however,  you should always expect the best.

For instance this is hurricane season. A major reason we don’t plan cruise vacations for this time of year. As such when you try to plan a yard sale weeks in advance you know the one thing that can screw up your day is the weather.  That’s out of your hands so you soldier on and hope for the best and have a plan B. Be it a rain date, a tent, or another free weekend.

The same is true of your goals. There are always certain elements along the way towards fulfilling your dreams that you can not control. My advice is find out those elements up front, make peace with them in case they happen, and have a plan B. THEN, go right ahead and keep making your lists and taking your steps towards your goal. Do what you DO have control over and make sure it’s completed. This way there is no one to blame, you take responsibility and at the end of the day it is YOUR goal so make sure YOU are the one taking the necessary steps. Just keep plugging away at what you can do and plan to counterattack any road blocks. This way should you encounter something that’s out of your hands, you will have prepared for it and it won’t make your progress come to a grinding halt!

Knowing there may be some difficulties gives you less anxiety then closing your eyes to what may happen and refusing to acknowledge it. Fear is a powerful emotion and fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. So find out what might be and unknown or a detour in your own and make a plan that will help you go over and around it should it happen. You will feel relaxed at being prepared and more confident in your abilities and when you have lack of fear and self-esteem you become unstoppable and your dreams become a reality!

So make your plans, have a back-up and look at your list and get out there and do item #1 on it. When that’s done tackle item #2. Don’t stop until you have done all that you are physically and mentally capable of and you might be suprised at where you find yourself when your list is done, then again maybe you won’t as it is where you wanted to be all along! Fear is sometimes simply a lack of planning. Don’t stress at what you cant control. You may not be able to change the detour BUT you can change how you REACT to it!

I have been on this crane journey for 40 days now…I have been sharing it with you for the past 26! Lots has happened 90% good and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens between now and October!

So, having said that. This weeks Menu Manifestation project may happen on Saturday rather then Sunday due to the weather and the yard sale schedule. That is still up in the air. However, it will go  on!

I have ingredients in hand, a “Riverdance” video on my desk, and Irish pub plates, and a cute Irish cottage table decoration all ready to go into action! I shall update you as to which day it turns out to be but rest assured we shall have the eatin’ o’ the green this weekend!!

Now Thanks to Stephenie Meyers and her brilliant “Twilight” series which they made into a movie which I watch last night I was able to fold many cranes! I love reading or watching movies from people that inspire me. It gives a much needed shot in the arm. For instance one of my goals is to have a bestselling book series that  people want to line up at midnight to buy! I also want to be the one that adapts the books to screenplays for the movie version! I know, lofty goals but not out of the realm of possibilities! That’s why I watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy often as never mind what Peter Jackson created with the breathtaking movies, but how about J.R.R. Tolkien in the first place. Brilliant! he created something like 12 new languages to write those stories. So it can be done and if you need a boost go watch a movie by  your favorite director or read a book by someone who has already accomplished what you wish to do. It’s a good road map for you to start charting your own course on!!!

Crane count Day 40!!!! – 16!!! (Thanks you Edward Cullen and Bella Swan! lol)







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The Story time manuscript revision has been submitted (yay!) I can now breathe for ten minutes, then get on withyard sale sorting, novel polishing, poem submitting, short-story finishing until the manuscript comes back for more changes! Which I hope will be few. This project has been in the works for a year and has a pub date of March 2010 and I’d like to get it done withto put my energies into some other (not as tedious) projects! This reminds though of another article I was reading before it succumbed to the cuts of crane paper. It mentioned that as an author you can’t wait to hear back from a publisher, contest, agent, etc. about that one story you sent in and then go from there. You need to constantly be writing, submitting, and evolving as the publishing process can sometimes take one-two years. If you have sat back and waited for that ONE thing to get accepted or published you have wasted a year. And what if it doesn’t get accepted? You have again wasted that year. As things move through production you need to keep on trucking withother projects, this way there will always (hopefully) be something being optioned, printed, and published. This is also how you will get an income. All those little contests which award $100 or $750 are worth it as they give you short term goals, keep your creativity well oiled, and as my aunt used to say “half a loaf is better then none!” Everyone wants the 6-7 figure book and movie deal but $100 spends just the same! In fact I have entered a few contests lately that are pretty cool and don’t pay much but they could get my entry published and have been great for my creativity. One of them is called “Hint Fiction.” This is an entry of 25 words or less, yup that’s right and it has to HINT at a story. That was fun! Another was a story of 250 words or less using 10 prompt words provided. That was a stretch but again short deadlines and I pumped them out in no time. Great boost to see something good and actually FINISHED!

If you are having trouble meeting some of your goals. Make a list. It is empoweringto be able to cross something off, in fact if I did something that I hadn’t yet written down I write it in the cross it out! This helps with the discipline of trying to finish the crane project as well, as I write “cranes” on my to do list everyday, not so  much as a reminder but because it is part of my routine and at the end of the day I like to see scratch marks through all I have done to mark my progress. Seeing things on paper will help you actually see how far you have come and it will be a great confidence boost to you as well to see it in black and white (or in my case purple & white) This is tangible proof that you are making gains and taking steps towards what you want!!

So on that note I will go clear some clutter to make some money on our yard sale and make room for new “adventures!”

Great dry, clear, & sunny weather keeps the spirits up and the fingers productive.

Crane count  Day 39 (wow has it been that long already!) 13!!









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So it is almost noon and I am just getting to sit down at  the computer to work. This is after getting up earlier than usual to make lunch due to my my husbands scheduling change and the fact that after our dinner (which I won’t discuss) and our walk, where there was a bat incident, I did not get his lunch together last night. So despite being up and moving and having a list. I am just now at the computer. Now don’t get me wrong I have done more work already today than most but not the work I want. I do love however to have several machines running at the same time as if I am multi-tasking so they should they.

For years my Mom ran our household and for anyone that was a stay at home Mom you will understand that by the time everyone id off on their day and you’ve done the laundry thawed something for dinner, taken your shower exercised now folded the laundry and vacuumed the rug that as soon as you sit down to have breakfast either the phone rings or the dog decides he needs to go out. A few hours have disappeared and it’s almost time to start cooking what you thawed, etc etc. My Dad always use to get “the look” from my Mom when he came home from his job OUTSIDE the home and said, “so what did you do all day?” Keep in mind that for my Mom for years, I’m thinking 15 anyway, she had to take 5 people’s worth of laundry to the laundromat and if were in school she went alone. So running a house is a full-time job in itself and just try to make a couple of sandwiches takes a ridiculous amount of time to gather everything from the fridge, make the sandwiches, then package them then close up and put away everything you just had out never mind if you decided to make tuna fish that adds even more prep work with the whole open and drain the can situation.

Thank God I can multi-task and we don’t even have young children that live here just a phantom cat and a ravenous pain in the butt, good thing he’s cute dog named Max! Discipline and making full use of your two hands go along way in making sure everything gets accomplished on time. Although working from home can have it’s distractions, it also has numerous advantages as I have already mentioned that dress code is non-existent especially when it’s 90 and humid!, Plus If I had to go to an office to write that adds travel time (and having to dress appropriately) it uses gas and I can’t transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer on my way to the bathroom. So perks yes, extra discipline needed,ABSOLUTELY!

This is where the cranes come in. They are helping to  set small goals to achieve while working towards a bigger one at the some time, there is accountability, routine, and pacing oneself to meet a deadline. These are all very necessary traits for a writer and some of them need to be learned. I read an article in one of the writer’s magazines that I was cutting for a crane that said. You must write, if you wait until all the laundry is done you will find you have run out of time. Writing  must come first. Now there is oodles of truth to that , however, if I stay here and ignore the dog, the laundry, and the dinner, it will eat at me. It will be enough of a guilt-filled distraction that my writing, what there would be of it, would be pure crap. So instead I try to set a time limit for my “routine” and get as much as humanely possible done so when I sit. I sit. I am ready to write and the time is mine. This may not work for everyone but due to a sense of responsibility instilled in me by my parents I just can’t tell Max to cross his legs, and tell me husband to Febreeze his gym shorts. I know I can do it all and I am working my damnedest at making it happen because for me I have the luxury of having the two lives I had wished for happen at the same time! Now I just have to make them work with each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Crane Count Day 38 – 12!


Ok and I have closed this weeks poll and the winner for our Menu Manifestation dinner is IRELAND! (yippeee) I will be putting up a new poll for next weeks “destination.” Thanks to all who voted and gave inspiration and suggestions!!





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So yesterday, was a bit less humid and I found the courage to climb the stairs to my old room and exercise, which for the last few oppressive days had seemed like sheer torture. The original part of our house is over 200 years old and the upstairs is basically an attic area converted into two bedrooms and a bathroom. So in short, in August it’s hotter than the hounds of hell up there. So it felt good to get back on the bike and that is usually (if I’m not reading) where I get many of my ideas/projects for the day which is why there is a notepad and pen on the file cabinet right next to the bike. Now it didn’t feel as humid and today I can hear the heat bugs but I can’t see the backs of the leaves which means hot but not sticky. So I check the weather icons on my igoogle page and it says it’s raining! I can’t even see a cloud and I notice it had rain for yesterday too. Not here. hmm I chalk this up to weathermen lying to us again when I notice that in setting my weather on the home page I apparently just typed in “Chester” and neglected to say which one so for a week I have watching weather in Chester ENGLAND! hence all the rain..LOL I have fixed it and it is now sunny in Chester, NH…Well I didn’t need an icon to tell me that LOL…Which just goes to show you can’t take everything you see or read as gospel, especially if it just doesn’t seem right. Listen to your gut and if it isn’t right, do some checking and verify it. If you are blonde, you have to do this twice as much as other people! And again one of the most important traits to have on hand at all times is a sense of humor!! LOL

So yesterday I discovered a bag on the kitchen table that had been dropped off in the morning by an old friend. Inside was a very sweet card and a box that had the most adorable of CRANE EARRINGS! Yup they are tiny folded cranes on sterling silver wire and they actually resemble origami cranes as opposed to some of the residents in my big basket.

They are very cool and a nice gesture that buoyed my spirits for my project! As such I made myself sit and cut more squares last night to use for the cranes as I said I was just about out and I am using my old writing magazines as paper, however they are not a uniform size and cranes well origami in general needs to be done out of a paper that is a perfect square. It is quite tedious to cut down the magazines because they aren’t 8 1/2 by 11 they are an obscure size and they have ragged edges from where I tore them out but I have enough to get through a few more days anyway. Perhaps the craft store will have a sale on the real paper soon and I can snag a few packages. Until then my with newsprint on my fingers and my raggy edged cranes I soldier on!

Which brings me to “productivity” once I had the time to cut the paper I was able to bang out several cranes and after Itold my husband my goal has changed from 11 a day to 12.39 he lent a hand for a couple. We were trying to figure out just how much of crane that .39 would be and decided maybe incorrectly that if I fold an extra crane every four days I should be good. I wouldn’t trust that math though as I was living in Chester England for a week!

So I got some good suggestions yesterday for an Irish menu and although Italy/Greece are gaining in the poll Ireland is still out in front. So it looks like it’s Potatoes -R-Us! You can put potatoes in crepes right?? A friend also emailed me some beautiful pictures of Ireland for inspiration and boy did they work as now I want to go there more than ever!!

Ok, I am off to spend some time with one of my favorite people in the whole World today (RJ!) before he heads off to high school! (Yikes!) then it’s one last look over of the manuscript then all yard sale all the time until Sat! I wonder what the weather will be cuz in England it says ..”rain!” LOL

Until tomorrow!

Crane Count Day 37 -15! (Ooh! my lucky number)



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