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Happy almost Halloween! I actually love Halloween although where I live the “Holiday” has gotten a bit out of hand and it cuts down severely on my enjoyment. I do decorate but there are years I do not open as 1,000 trick-or-treaters in 2 hours is overwhelming and expensive and makes it hard to “scare” them when they come in bunches of 15-20 and most are adults that don’t even live in town. ūüė¶ But The dog is wearing his festive bandanna and I have been wearing Halloween socks all month, yes I have that many pairs! LOL.

I even created a poem about trick-or-treat on my street and I actually had purchased a blank book on clearance some years ago that was specifically for a Halloween-type scrapbook as it has bats and came with spooky stickers. So I turned my poem into a wee Halloween book! See, if you want something bad enough you can make it yourself!! Now I just need either pictures or illustrations. I can draw about every 3 years on a Tuesday, LOL and when I do it’s great! But when I’m not inspired they are just awful so it is what it is. Perhaps I will use Mike’s son – my new step-son, Michael as he is a very talented graphic designer who actually just launched a game fro Nintendo Wii and there was a nice article in the Foster’s Daily Democrat last weekend. I hope it’s the first of many for him!!

I also have been doing some other poetry work as I have one I am “donating” to the town for a commemorative event and one I’d like to see win a prize from the local college that shares my street! As for my 40 after 40 list, well that is moving along quite nicely!

-I actually confirmed a speaking engagement (#29) for December so I now only need 4 more (I also have one tentative lined up)

-We are trying very positively to take the trip to NYC (#10)¬†in December and so far the money keeps cropping up. A couple more weeks of thinking like it’s happening and we shall see if it manifested itself!! Lots of signs popping up as well and I have my lucky NYC socks to wear once Halloween is over. I also have an “I Love NY” shot glass on my desk!

-As for #1, # 2, & # 5. I have made myself ride my exercise bike these last two days. My back has been in pretty rough shape for about a month which has kept me from exercising but as my trainer husband pointed out it needs to be in better condition to help fix it and exercising will help. So, off I went bad leg and all. It did feel good to take a bit of control over that situation and I spied a pair of boots on eBay ridiculously cheap so we shall see if the birthday money makes them a reality!!! Stay tuned ūüôā

Lastly #34 – to participate¬†in NaNoWriMo is coming at me at the speed of light! Starting Sunday, November 1st, I will be writing a novel in 30 days. I did one in 3 so thirty should be plenty of time!! (I hope) The challenge is to write 50,000 words by December 1st. The organization sent an email saying that boils down to 1,667 words a day. OK sure, It’s a good thing I’m a multi-tasker! I have narrowed it down to 2 ideas but we’ll see what happens on Sunday when I actually sit down to write as sometimes¬†stories have a way of elbowing themselves to the front of your mind when you didn’t even know they were in the back, and those turn out to be the BEST ones! So I will keep you updated on my progress in that competition.

A busy month ahead indeed as Mike will be competing in a powerlifting competition in Vermont next Sunday!!!! he’s getting over a cold this week so he will be good to go next week. By the way that will take care of #38!



The link to the article in Foster’s about Michael’s Nintendo Wii game!










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So this weekend while I was preparing to go to my grandson Hunter’s 1st birthday party my husband, friends, and family were preparing a party¬†for me as well! Immediately after the party I was kidnapped and driven to the Shogun Japanese restaurant where my friends and some family members who had already left Hunter’s party were waiting to yell surprise! And it was. I had actually planned¬†to make my first trip to the¬†Shogun on Sunday the following day to celebrate the completion of my crane project. I had my coupon and my crane earrings out and sitting on my desk. Well, I didn’t need them I guess as my first trip coincided with a surprise party for the 12th anniversary of my 28th birthday. It was quite an experience and it was actually hilarious although I’m not sure it was supposed to be. I had sake (warm) and watched my food being sliced and diced in front of me and the cook cleaned up after himself by tossing eggshells and shrimp tails into his chef coat pocket. There was a singing of Happy birthday in English (?!) then something followed in Japanese that¬† is very difficult to politely describe! So I can now say that I have been and I shall save my coupon and my earrings for another time! A funny note is that as birthday girl I was given a piece of cheesecake with a candle in it. Not something Japanese, unfortunately I am lactose intolerant so I couldn’t eat it but everyone else enjoyed it! ūüôā

We also had our last two manifesting meals yesterday (since we’d already been to the Shogun).¬†I combined the islands with the Caribbean cruise and we had our cheeseburgers in paradise complete with Royal Caribbean Risotto! some pics are below.

Now, an update on my “40” list.

I did some checking on #6 the visit to Robert Frost Farm and they close the farm buildings on¬†October13! darn it.¬†So It’s on my list for when they re-open next spring STILL withing the one year timeframe (yessss!)

#29 – to book 5 speaking engagements/book talks – is underway as well as I have one tentatively scheduled for Dec. 3rd and there is a group I spoke to last winter that is interested in having me come back this year after the first of the year. So 2 tentative dates towards that task!

#38 “to watch Mike compete in a powerlifting meet” – is just about a done deal as well.¬†He is registered for a meet in Vermont the first weekend in November and he’s feeling strong!

#10 “take a trip to NYC” – we’re kicking around the idea for the first¬†Saturday in December. It’s our favorite time to go and we missed last year due to wedding preparations and job obligations. We had a manifesting meal over it and it is now stuck front and center in my brain and will not budge so we will think positively on it for a couple of weeks and if the money presents itself or signs appear to that¬†effect then we will¬†go!


So lots of little irons of progress in the fire, very encouraging!!!

a few photos from Shogun!

Flaming ring of Onioncrispy salad with soup (no spoon)The chef

Photos from the last two Menu Manifestation meals – Caribbean Cruise and St. Thomas/St. Maarten:

Pics from the islands, Royal Caribbean glasses and hats, shot glasses and a palm tree!Cheesburgers in Paradise with shrimp and scallop risotto!



We will also be executing another kindness challenge secret squirrel mission tonight! How about you??!!





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Ok so in the mail today I received a catalog from my story time book publisher. I figure it must be in there or why would I get one? So I race to the index and see that “Storytimes Good Enough to Eat!” is listed on page 63. I excitedly turn to page 63 and¬†¬† NO. it. isn’t. Hmmpff. It is in fact NOWHERE in the catalog but the index and the book on MY page is actually supposed to be on page 64. So I ALMOST saw it in print. But hey we’re getting closer, right?! Too funny.

SO I also have news!!! I have in fact completed an item on my list! Yes indeed. It is number THREEEEE.

Yes I went to see my good and crazy girlfriend Shayne. Shayne of the wonderful wedding hair and she gave me what she called “edgy.” Now, it isn’t what I went for as I was undecided and I let her help me with the decision and voila! So it is not radically different when you first look but there’s a neat surprise and I do have a picture (thank you RJ) BUT the hubby has not seen it nor does he know what I did as he thought I was coming home with something different. So I will post the picture once he has seen it in person. Until then just know that I did something and the list has started of with a bang!

Last night Mike continued to try and teach me how to play poker, this is his second attempt and there was a wee bit of misinformation of lack of the first time around. So I got off to a shaky start but ended up kicking some bald powerlifting butt! Now I could use that as learning a new skill but I was always good at cards and I’m a super bluffer, right honey??!! So, I’m not ready for Vegas yet but we’ll call it a partial new skill learned and keep the item open!

I have a whole new book started for this project and each task has at least 2 pages devoted to it due to action items I need to take care of etc. So I am off and running and I thank those of you who emailed me and facebooked me (is that a new verb?) with your offers of help for certain items- mainly the drinking ones!! LOL I truly appreciate it and stay tuned Рthis is going to be an interesting year!









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OK! Thank you all for being patient. I have not felt very well and have been a wee bit busy the last few days but I am happy to report the list is READY! I don’t know that I am but. It is made and has its own page on the blog. That is where I will update when an item is completed and together we can watch all 40 items (hopefully) earn their “done” check mark. I will update¬†you these regular pages on the steps I have to or have taken and the progress that I have made. I will also continue to share any motivational advice, comments, suggestions I may have as well as any interesting Max stories. A giant part of my life is out here in the open now and for those of you that know me well know that I am relatively private and a bit shy at first until you get to know me. I treasure and guard my privacy like a Mother guards her children. So in this new adventure I will endeavor to be losing some of the fear I have had and will be stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone to achieve what I wish. Risk = Reward. The fruit is at the end of the branch, the best views are from the summit etc. etc. etc. You get my point. As I said some of the tasks seem relatively simple and they are on the list for two reasons 1. Is to finally do them, I mean if they are that simple WHY haven’t I done them before now?? 2. Once done they will be a tangible reward for me and thus become motivation and inspiration to complete the others.

Many times we have very simple things that we want to do and say “someday” and then we never do it and “The Old Man” falls, The Twin Towers get destroyed, and Roy gets mauled by Montecore. So it’s time to check of some of these things on the “to do” list before they can’t be done and the choice is taken out of your hands.

SO,¬† I will paste the list below and after that you can check the master list page for the completions and see how I’m doing in case you miss my updates! Also, we still have 2 menu manifestation dinners to get to and once the schedules and committments settle down and we can focus we will manifest away (& I’ll post pics!!)

Wish me luck and I hope I inspire some of you to climb out on the limb and see the view..you know what I mean!


OH and in case you are wondering about the new bright blue banner at the top of the post. It is actually a picture I took from the balcony of the Adventure of the Seas of the water in St. Thomas. It’s just that gorgeous!


  1. To put my real weight on my Driver’s License or
  2. to weigh what my Driver’s License says I do!
  3. Try a new/different Hair-style (eek!)
  4. To not give in to the back pain by buying ugly sensible shoes. Fix my Back! so I can…
  5. Buy the sexy  boots and wear them!
  6. Visit Robert Frost Farm in Derry¬† ( I know shameful-¬†it’s 15¬†mins. away)
  7. To go and see where “The Old Man…” was!
  8. Get an article published in Yankee Magazine
  9. Finish the screenplay adaptation of¬† “The S.F.” (cryptic for a reason)
  10. Take a trip to NEW YORK CITY (for fun and research!)
  11. Win a writing contest that will pay for a cruise vacation
  12. Develop the “Folini Fitness” Brand
  13. Develop the “Bee Leaf Works” Brand
  14. Drive a purple Prowler
  15. Learn to drive a stick shift (may have to come before #14)
  16. Make Paella
  17. Start a new Christmas “tradition” akin to Halloween “Boo’ing”
  18. Write another “Roy” story
  19. Make “Max” a literary star
  20. Surprise someone!
  21. Look like someone who is married to a personal trainer (in other words get healthier)
  22. Perfect an old skill
  23. Learn a NEW skill!
  24. Plant and grow pumpkins again
  25. Walk 40 miles – either 20 down and 20 back or for a “cause”, etc
  26. Go to a Restaurant and JUST order the BIG dessert
  27. Do something that scares me (lots of things to pick from here!)
  28. Start “something” – a group, contest, competition, charity, etc.
  29. Book 5 speaking engagements/book talks
  30. Visit all the Irish pubs in Manch-Vegas
  31. Visit all the Sommer’s Irish pubs in Boston ūüôā
  32. Throw a theme party, reunion, etc (or 2)
  33. Go on a Sleigh ride
  34. Complete a novel in a month during NaNoWriMo
  35. Send Children’s picture book to publishers
  36. Send poetry chapbook out to a publisher
  37. Send(or go with) Mimi to Prince Edward Island
  38. Watch Mike for the first time in a powerlifting competition
  39. Spend a weekend in Boston (for fun and Research)
  40. Attend a writing conference/convention












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So the milestone birthday was yesterday and so far I haven’t fallen apart, grown senile, or had dinner at 4:30! My project to fold 1,000 cranes before my birthday was completed by about 9:00pm the night before it. One final purple crane ended 3 months of discipline in an experiment to form a routine and habit for this newly, self-employed¬†full-time writer. As I said the project spawned many other creative ventures for me which was an added bonus. You can never have too much creativity when you make your living as a writer, designer, poet, photographer, etc.

So I now have two giant and full baskets of cranes and notebooks full of possibilities and more goals than when I started! Not to be outdone by¬† my crane venture I just knew that at the completion I would have to embark on another adventure to keep the enthusiasm up, the blog going, and the creative juices flowing. Plus I like having a cool challenge to look forward to and it gives me something to share with you by way of accountability for me and perhaps 15 minutes of escapism for you! I decided not to put too much of my own thought into what the next project would be and see what evolved and sure enough this project jumped in front of me and flailed it’s little arms imploring “pick me, pick me!” So I can take a hint and a sign so I did!

My next adventure which I hope you will follow along with is called 40 after 40.

Quite simply put. I have a list of 40 items to complete in one year, leading up to the 13th anniversary of my 28th birthday! It’s a pretty tall order as there are a few items that will be easy to accomplish as that helps with motivation and a feeling of progress, some are going to stink in plain english and some are going to challenge my fears and my determination. All are things I wish to do or accomplish. I wouldn’t necessarily call them a bucket list as I am¬†not taking the rest of my life to do them I am taking ONE YEAR mainly by way of having a concrete deadline and incentive and 2. some of these are goals/dreams that have been collecting dust long enough and some of the are the springboard to other goals which I will not achieve until these are done first. So I’m digging in and we’re gonna “Git ‘r done!”

Now, two things.

1. I am not going to start these until Monday as I am still in the middle of birthday festivities (& 5 month wedding anniversary festivities) and I need a couple of non-crane days to develop my plan of attack and I get to relax over the weekend before my life and my schedule go full-tilt!

2. I am going to post the list as a separate page on this blog so you all can see what I have come up with and I will blog about my adventures and my life as usual as it pertains to the project and whatever Max has been up to as well! But I will also make updates on that page(& post pics) so we can all follow along with my progress as I will note when something has been completed.

So! Starting Monday tune in for item number 1 (&2 probably as you know how I love to multi-task) and you can read the list and see for yourself just how determined (crazy) I am. Oh and if there is some skill you posses or something you all can do to help me on any of the goals, rest assured I will be in touch!

Wish me luck! Thanks for following along thus far and I will see you bright and early Monday morning with the list of 40 after 40!!!!!





I entered a cool writing competition which I found out about at the last minute. It was from Slate magazine and they were looking to do an experiment to see if a well-written fictional story about a random object increases its value. So they had a picture of an object and we had to create a story in less than 500 words(!!!) and the winning story will be sold on Ebay along with the object! Neat idea glad I got in under the wire! Keep your fingers crossed!!




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…amazingly still 28. Yup I checked and 28 it is..That’s what happens when you celebrate “anniversaries” instead of birthday’s! So I sit alone in the house with a sleeping Max who is not aware I have smuggled birthday muffins I made yesterday into my room or he would be here mooching. The Mr. has to work a 12 hour shift today and my Mother is out with my sister. So I am alone with my muffins, my cranes and my thoughts. Oh Cranes you ask? Yes I am here with Max, muffins,and um let’s see, if I take my shoes off and divide by 32 add the square root of, oh heck yeah….



I did it!

Last night as I was sitting in my sweatpants and a pony tail, extremely underdressed for the shiny new earrings Mike had just given me for my birthday I quietly wrote a note on the origami paper folded it up.¬†Then with a HUGE grin I went and showed everyone. I even made little¬†flapping motions and yes it was on purple paper! So my baskets are over full, my task is complete and on time, and I discovered so much more on my crane journey than I set out too and it is a pretty cool feeling. I still haven’t decided what to do with them so fo now I will just leave them be. They are very colorful reminders of a sweet accomplishment!

So now for you all. I will be embarking and revealing my new project tomorrow. Today I will be going to lunch with my Mom and who knows what else. I know the Mr. has a weekend full of birthday activities that may include a Monarchs’s game! I know it includes dinner. So I thank you again for following me and I am going to leave you today¬† with a few pictures.

OH!! and the blog was at 1,934 hits this morning. Pretty cool. I was shooting for 2,ooo but I will¬†NOT sneeze at the fact that 1,934 people visited MY blog!! ūüôā


The 1,000th crane!!This is what 1,000 cranes looks like!The smallest crane, Sadako's Peace crane, & the 1,000th crane







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So today is it. My last day to attempt to complete the 1,000 cranes before the BIG day tomorrow. As for the hourglass, it has been bottom-heavy for quite some time! On the eve of this birthday, I was inspired to attempt new things AFTER it happens and after the cranes are folded. I have a future plan. But I got to thinking, I have been on earth A WHILE and what have I done with the time thus far????

Honestly you can take the first ten years off your life as you were a child and just learning how to be a human being and not much was expected of you. OK in the case of this birthday that leaves me with 30 years to account for. I have been making one of my famous “lists” in my head¬†of what exactly I have been doing. I’m just curious if in MY opinion did¬†I waste 30 years or did I use it wisely. We’re only given so many years and we don’t know what the magic number is. Having lost 2 family members long before they should have gone I know that all too well. Have I actually lived my life or was I a slacker? I always feel a sense of obligation, if you will put on me by MYSELF no one else, to make something of my life because 1. That’s how you’ll be happy and willing to get up each day. 2. There are people who had big plans and were going places and they never got the chance to live their life 3. There are NO DO-OVERS.

That could explain some of the urgency I feel for multi-tasking. 1. I am VERY good at multi-tasking and 2. It means I get to experience more of my life. In all honesty there were several years when I didn’t really give a flying firetruck about plans, lists, goals, etc. until you wake up and a member of your family that HAD goals is gone and never even reach birthday number 30 nevermind 40. It’s a huge kick in the pants to do something with what you have. Try and achieve something, be happy, and just live for Pete’s sake.

Once I got going I think I did as well as I could with the support and the skills at my disposal! I mean I actually traveled to Europe alone at 18, Same thing to Florida at 21. When you don’t have people who wish to go -I went anyway. I earned it and didn’t want to die waiting for someone else to join me on a trip! It’s not a HUGE amount of fun alone but I saw and did some cool stuff and when I was in Florida, the Chippendales were in town, in my hotel, on my floor, and we’re not talking chipmunks or chairs. So that was a fun trip and I thank them for keeping this poor girl from getting lonely! I was also one of the youngest people to hold an elected position in town when I was¬† Library Trustee for 7 years. I also owned a restaurant and bar and yes the Library lady has a bartending license. I worked for a professional hockey team for a season slinging free T-shirts and dancing the YMCA (that was just last year) I have held 5 jobs at a time one of which was being a Christmas Elf. I have been on 3 cruises¬† 90% of RJ’s field trips. I worked every position in our town library a place I LOVE including the Director position.

I am now finally someone’s wife and a full-time writer. 2 goals I had wanted to accomplish before the LAST milestone birthday but that’s ok he wasn’t ready for me and I still had somethings to do before I went from a 1 to a 2!

So, I think I’ve done OK and the best part is I ain’t done yet!!!! Lucky me ūüôā

I now have to go and fold my last cranes and wait for my wish to come true. When I blog next I will be older, possibly wiser, and ready for the next 40!!

Crane Count for Day 86 – 2nd to last crane folding day XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – (drumroll) 19!

Oh and thanks for the hits everyone, yesterday there was an outrageous number of views and we’re a little over 100 hits away¬†from 2,000. Now I don’t know If I can make that happen in a day but I REALLY appreciate you all trying and viewing yesterday and pushing me towards my goal!!!!











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