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As we are on the cusp of a new year I thought it only appropriate to let you in a few “secrets” that may help the new year go a little smoother. I’m not looking to change or even rock your World here, just provide some “carbs” for thought and inject a little humor. If I succeeded in doing none of those for you then you can resolve not to “listen” to me in the new year! Isn’t America great!

I am granting you permission to do or not do the following things…the choice as always is yours. ūüôā


IT’S OK………

-To make New Years Resolutions

-To break your New Years Resolutions (if it’s not working release the obligation you placed ON YOURSELF and go find what does work!)

-To have leftovers

-To eat dessert first (or only!)

-Wear¬†your shimmery, glittery lotion in the daytime…it’s lotion not an evening gown go ahead be daring!

-WANT to reconcile with people and family from your past (sometimes the desire is enough of a first step, the rest will come later)

-To clear the “clutter” ALL CLUTTER..if it’s dragging you down – clean it up, throw it out, break up with it, change it, sell it, give it away!

-To¬†not give a “flying firetruck” some days! You don’t have to save the WHOLE WORLD every day. Someday’s it is enough¬†just save your own.

-To¬†be upset that all of our food is now bilingual! You bought it in America with American money and those who can’t read the English on it (which necessitate the extra instrucciones) need to take a class or perhaps take a trip – ¬†“home.”

-To¬†be disappointed in the politician you vocally backed when they turn out to be like all the others…

-To prefer spending time with dogs (& cats) instead of people

-To cry, scream, sing, or laugh  Рif that is what you are feeling

-To¬†not follow the fad, crowd, or craze…I am happily Croc¬†and Ugg free and that’s my choice…if you like them the go ahead and wear them! Knock yourself out!!! If something makes you happy (or not) adjust your life accordingly and alow others the same courtesy.

-To let yourself fall in love..Indpendence is wonderful and a basic right and necessity but being able to share it with someone (anyone special) adds a whole new layer to your life

-To¬†take care of “you.” If you don’t because you are always doing for others then what will they do when you are just so unhappy, exhausted, and unable to help them anymore….Nurture yourself and your spirit and it will be ready and willing to share the love when it is needed!

Lastly….It’s OK not to take things too seriously….Life is too short!

Happy New Year! Make it one you will remember, love, and be eager to repeat!!!



“Story Times Good Enough to Eat” – January 30, 2010 release!




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So lots of¬†things happening¬†here! Christmas is circling the block¬†looking for a parking space, Tree is up Gifts sans all but 2 are purchased and awaiting adornment, the cards were written and mailed (and hopefully the PO won’t hold on to these for 4 days like the rest of our mail!!!!) Christmas cookies have been made and we are holding onto Christmas spirit by its tail refusing to let it go!

Amongst all the Holiday hoopla I also have “List” updates for you!!!

#3 has been done for the second time!! This time with a different color – pic posted on photo page

#5 is half done in that I have indeed purchased the sexy boots..just need to wear them without throwing my back the rest of the way out! – pic of those posted as well

#17 and perhaps the coolest of all is done. This is creating and implementing a new Christmas Tradition. We had a bit of a weather delay but we were able to complete the delivery of¬† these new Christmas “Boo”-type items and I am so excited to see results have popped up around town. Very cool and I hope it catches on and people implement next year and it grows from there. Technically this could also be covered under #28 as I did “start” something by creating this idea from scratch but we’ll keep it at #17 for now and use #28 to “Start something” else! ūüôā

I am shopping for Children’s Book publishers as we speak so that I may give life to my picture book I will let you know when I send it out and we can all keep our fingers crossed together for 4, 6, 12, weeks etc until they decided to accept or reject it.

In other news. My Story Times Good Enough to Eat” has been given a cover picture and has been sent to the printer! Marketing is underway! For those of you that create things, whatever they may be. A piece of advice is to constantly be wearing your publicity hat – not to the point that you tick off your friends and family but no one will ever feel as passionate about your book, photographs, quilts, knitting, etc that YOU do. So you need to be your biggest fan and if possible come up with a cute and catchy gimmick that makes whatever it is you do stand out from the rest. For instance, When the “Twilight” movie was coming out bookstores had parties and gave away plastic vampire fangs. Harry Potter midnight release parties saw attendees sporting the famous round brown glasses of “the boy who lived.” If what you do has a unique angle develop some kind of giveaway of promotion related to it because, 1. people love free things! and 2. it will make you stand out from the pack and in this economy there is a really big pack out there all vying for the same piece of pie you are and they are not in a sharing mood! ūüôā

So get out there and be and do the best you can. Take what makes you unique and run with it!! Don’t forget to be kind and if you had an opportunity to do something cool for someone or a stranger let me know and if you were the recipient of my new tradition and you haven’t reciprocated to someone yet, you still have time. Pass on the fun and make someones day and you may just make your own in the process!

If the festivities overtake me and I do not Blog again before Christmas. Everyone please have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for indulging me with my writing and my motivational posts. I thank you for following along and you have made my year! Merry Christmas to you all from Myself, the Mr., Max, and Mimi!





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Ah my Blog, my old friend. That’s the great thing about writing is that it is always there because it is something from within you that YOU create. When life, holidays,¬†contract deadlines, and food poisoning sideline you, your “art” sits there patiently waiting for your return. Your creativity is like a loyal family dog that is always happy to see you, never judges your absence, and is always standing at the door when you return home.

Since my last post I have completed the FINAL edit of my proofs¬†and created an index for “Story Times Good Enough to Eat” It will be published¬†under the umbrella of ABC-CLIO¬†at the end of January! It is also available for pre-order through their website and on AMAZON.COM, how cool is that?

I write primarily fiction (not true stories) and poetry. However, this book is near and dear to my heart as it deals with all the programs that I LOVED putting together when I was Director (& asst. director) at the Chester Public Library. It was that job and the children that inspired the ideas for the programs and the fact that we were a small library with minimal staff and budget made the multi-tasking nature of the programs a necessity. As a result, and due to an offhand comment by the Director before me to put them all in a book, this book was eventually born. I am anxious to see it in its final form.¬†This book has always been a challenge as it is a non-fiction, reference-type book. That means quoting sources, checking facts, and creating an index that was about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist. I have new respect for the people¬†that put together the yellow pages in the phone book!! It is done however, and now the marketing begins. My husband excitedly said “now you can forget about that one and work on the picture book.” I explained that in the writing World marketing is non-stop and now that the book is 100% done the time to get the message out is NOW not when it comes out. But I thanked him for wanting to help me put the index trauma behind me as we were both stricken with food poisoning for 3 days right before I had to get the index out to Colorado. Really bad timing and the last thing I felt like doing was writing about food and recipes. yuck.As I said it is done, the marketing phase begins and it has sparked a surge of creativity in me since the manuscript was Fed-exed.

I usually read a book while I ride my exercise bike and I finished the Nicholas Sparks book and found myself without any captivating reading material on hand so I grabbed my notepad which is never far and managed to work¬† through the blocked area of my children’s Christmas Picture Book that I just could not find a way around for the last 2 months! That manuscript in a very, very¬†rough form is now finished!!! It will now get polished and eventually¬†submitted! I also created a poem this morning while riding and it is actually the second in a series on the seasons which was a brainstorm this morning as well! I am so excited and overwhelmed by the creativity and I also got a lot of great ideas to promote myself¬†as an artist by attending a free workshop put on by the NH Arts Council on Tuesday. I met a lot of very interesting new Hampshire artists including a man who spent 6 months on Shel Silverstein’s houseboat in California in the 70’s and I saw the incredible sepia paintings he created.

Many of the artists talked about being isolated in the fact that they worked from home in a studio or shed and some were over near Dublin and Keene and they spoke of needing to network with other artists to 1. have some company and 2. to be inspired by being among fellow creative people. I actually realized they had a point. I LOVE being home even though the dog drives me nuts some days but I realized that a lack of interaction with the public kind of stifles or subdues your senses.  I am grateful to the council for putting these workshops on and at a great price to boot!

I have a feeling this is going to be a very productive winter and you know not having to worry about a commute in the snow or being a Dept. head during budget season: makes for a very stress free environment!

“List” update!

-We have assembled our new Christmas Tradition and weather permitting we will be “delivering” them on Sunday.

-Using Birthday money I found some non-back friendly boots ridiculously cheap on eBay I have not worn them but they are in-house and I will post a picture of them. So that one is half done!

As for my “Kindness Challenge,” the hubby got to see first hand what happens when you are “kind” to strangers. We were in Macy’s doing some Christmas shopping. Our hands were overfull and my fingers had cramped into a claw. We were THIRD in line with no good place to put anything down. the man in front took them up on their offer of a credit card which added time to his transaction. My husband like most men does not enjoy waiting and honestly with cramping¬†hands and a throbbing back I don’t blame him. A lady got in line behind us with ONE box of some electronic gadget. I whispered to him that we were going to let her go first. He emitted a bit of a throaty growl, I raised my eyebrows, and he turned and said, “Ma’am you may go ahead of us.” she was shocked and said, “Are your sure?”¬†I said, “We have oodles of things and my card is buried in my purse and I can’t get to it, so please go ahead.” Turns out her one item was electronic¬†and not eligible for the coupon she had brought. She turned around and dropped it into the dish I was clutching, said Merry Christmas and left. We WERE able to use the coupon and we saved a much-needed 20%!!

Kindness Matters ūüôā The End



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