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My immediate family is unfortunately no stranger to the untimely passing of family members. It doesn’t make it any easier but it does help you move into auto-pilot mode to accomplish all the necessary formalities that accompany a funeral. Since the death of my eldest sister at the age of 27, I learned and have tried to adopt and live the “life is short” motto. When my Father passed away from cancer after having successfully beaten it years before, I re-doubled my efforts. This attitude of, making the most of the only life you are given, is something I try to keep right smack in the front of my brain 24/7. It’s tough to do as life can be full of irritation and disappointments and the disapproval of others. However, the bottom line is the ONE life we have been given to live is OURS, not theirs, so it needs to be lived genuinely and happily and with as much gusto as you can muster as there are no do-overs and there are people who had a great life going and are all of a sudden gone before they  got to accomplish any of their dreams. I feel personally, that I owe it to them as well as myself not to be a lazy couch potato and coast through life. It’s disrespectful to those that no longer have their life and it’s a waste of yours. In the midst of losing our immediate family members we have also gone through several bouts of cancer with different family members some lived to tell the tale, others have not.

We recently lost my brother-in-law Steve very suddenly and I will tell you that watching a 15-year-old boy carry his fathers casket is not something you ever want to witness. I am very proud of my nephew and if you follow the Blog you know what an integral part of my life he is. I try to include him in as many of my crazy schemes, goals, and hair-brained ideas as I can so that he doesn’t miss anything. I want him to have fun in his life for him and to honor his Aunt that he never met and his Grandfather that he doesn’t remember and now for his Dad.

I have had goal lists, journals, and notebooks for years and little by little I have chipped away at them and I have accomplished some small ones and some really BIG ones.  But I am not done yet. Since marrying me, the Mr. has learned how important and exciting it is to dream a dream, and take the steps to making it a reality. He had a life before me which included Weightlifting records, two great children, and a 20-year police career but there’s more to do.  When there’s a divorce it’s tough on everyone and it puts you in a bit of limbo. However, I am one who would rather DO the limbo than BE in limbo and I am teaching that to my husband and he is a willing participant in our life together. I hadbeen making slow and steady progress on my 40 after 40 list and after we lost Steve I said to Mike, we need to step this up! We may not be ill or sick but that doesn’t mean we may not die tomorrow. He agreed and we are full speed ahead on  the making dreams a reality process!

As such, we visited the Robert Frost Farm on Sunday. We got in the barn to watch a presentation and it started to pour, it rained all through the tour and when we were ready to leave and step back outside, it stopped.  I purchased some pencils for .25 that say “Robert Frost Farm,” as when I write my poetry and children’s books I like to do so with special pencils.

We have mapped out a budget plan and a positive thought plan from now until next June. A year is a long time on paper but goes by in a blink and we have built-in short-term goals along the way to keep us focused! It’s fun to live the life you have imagined! That quote, as I have mentioned before, is one of my favorites from Henry David Thoreau.

The funeral Director told me stories of how people get angry and abusive and will cut in a funeral procession as they are in too much of a  hurry to have respect for the dead. When they cut the line or honk and swear he looks at their retreating tail lights and says “why are you in such a hurry, this is where you’re going to end up!”

He is correct. No one gets out alive and it is your choice to enjoy the ride or dread your every day until it’s your last…which one have you chosen???


There are some new photos posted from some of the items on “The List” that have been completed.


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Well, it has certainly been awhile since my last post. This in no way signals a lack of production or activity just a busy schedule. I also like to blog when I have something to say, I don’t feel the need to post for the sake of posting. Your time as well as mine is valuable, limited, and most of the time already spoken for, so I won’t take up your time with drivel simply because “they” say you need to post every couple of days! On that note I do have something to say and it comes in the form of updates. When we last “spoke” I was embarking on the month-long “Script Frenzy” challenge. Now April was a crazy month with a holiday and 2 surprise birthday parties so the first 3 weeks came and went like lightning. I did not complete the screenplay but I did make a huge amount of progress with my outline, index cards, opening shots, and actually formatted several scenes! 

In May I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary and read a poem I created at a re-dedication ceremony in town. This was the first time I performed one of my poems in public, another little milestone for me. I again was a visiting author for the 2nd grade at the local school and helped them with their creative writing. I also booked an event for July AND I formatted and completed my poetry manuscript and sent it away to a publisher, now the waiting begins.

So several items have been completed on the “40 after 40” list (check that page for the ones that are “done”) I also am starting to work on one that will be a challenge simply because I do not enjoy it at all and that’s what makes it a goal for me and a challenge and it will be empowering when I finish!I am speaking of the “walk 40 miles” goal. I do not enjoy exercise at all I am the definition of irony in that I married a personal trainer and competitive weightlifter that spends 2 hours a day in the gym. Perhaps I did so subconsciously as I won’t take the big leap toward exercise,however many small baby-steps have been taken which makes it seem not so scary and actually attainable. When he is home we try to walk together more for the time than the exercise as he said “I don’t sweat on these walks.” This almost earned him a cuff to the head but I knew what he meant he was walking to spend time with me and to keep me company and it’s not about the exercise. I purchased a pedometer at his GNC store and have begun to track my progress and learned our walks equal just about one mile depending on our route. To help the goal along I have decided to participate in a 5K walk. I know it’s only 3  miles but I need the goal and I need to accomplish it and the training for it will count and it is something we can do together and walking is free! No gym membership, no fancy equipment to buy. It’s free and EVERYONE can do it! So those of you sitting on the couch with your excuses and I know what they are I have said them as well. There ARE no excuses. Walking is something we all do every day, wear a pedometer the next time you go to the mall and see just how far you walked when you weren’t “exercising!”  Walking is also a tricky way to start getting yourself in shape without making the scary gym commitment. You just start walking and then walk a little more, park a little farther away and before you know it you will have more energy and stamina and shapely calves!! 🙂

Sometimes to reach our goals all we need is to have the goal, vocalize and take the baby step (s). You don’t have to set the goal and wake up the next morning and have a complete lifestyle and mind change. That’s not realistic and when we think like that it becomes overwhelming and scary and it never happens. So if one of your goals is something that is out of your comfort zone then make your plan and look no further than step 1. Finish that then look at step 2. Make the decision, make the plan, and don’t scare yourself into sabotaging what you know in your heart and head is attainable.

For me I will literally take this particular goal and challenge one “‘step” at a time !


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