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As you know if you follow my blog, I love the purple Plymouth Prowler. I even have a small model of one that I purchased when they first came out. They are very hard to find nowadays but I have seen a few around this area sporadically over the past few years and as such, decided it really needed to be on my 40 after 40 list. They are such a cool car and how fun would it be to get to drive one even if I never get to own one! The Mr. has a similar love (obsession) for the Cobra. He explains that there were only so many made and they are a half a million dollars and up, BUT for the bargain price of $60,000, we could get a “kit” and he could build one. So it is on our master life “to do” list.

We attended a car show Saturday as a treat for him and as a quest for me to see if the Prowler owner would be there. Well they weren’t BUT, the owner of a genuine, original Cobra was and they offered the Mr. a chance to get in the driver’s seat! As you will see from the picture below, he was a very happy man, and very afraid to touch anything! It was nice to see him get to at least sit in the genuine article and I continued my quest for the elusive Prowler.

That was Saturday, on Sunday I received an email in response to my ad on Craigslist to see if there was a Prowler owner in the area that would let me sit-in or drive their prowler so I could check #14 off my list. This gentleman saw my ad and posted it on a Prowler Forum with a request to any members on the East Coast to see if they could help me out! I have had an offer from Texas and a few suggestions of other owners in states a bit closer than Texas that may be able to help out. This man does not know me and did not have to take the step by posting my ad. He could have just read it and thought “good luck,” but he took the extra step and thanks to him, my goal is one BIG step closer to coming to fruition.

I am touched by the kindness of a stranger and the owners listed on that forum that are desperately trying to make this happen, it really makes my heart feel full! As a result of those members following the link to my blog I reached a milestone yesterday of 4,000 blog hits!! This is a goal I was hoping to hit by October and as of yesterday I had 4,037 views In just over a year. That is very cool and gives me great motivation to continue in not only my 40 after 40 quest but all the other goals and plans in my life as well!

I encourage you also to get out there and start crossing some items of your “bucket list” even if you just do one, won’t it feel great?! After all, the items on these type of lists are things you actually WANT to do – so just imagine if you actually got to do one or twelve??!!!

It’s an oft-spoke phrase but that does not make it any less important, “Life is Short!” No one gets out alive so get out there and live your dreams and be kind to one another in the process, you just might make someone’s day!

A very happy Mr. in the driver's seat of HIS dream car!



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August 6, 2010 was the one-year anniversary of the inception of my blog! It started as  a way to document my quest for discipline and a goal to fold 1,000 origami cranes before my October milestone birthday. I achieved that goal and capitalizing on that momentum when I reached said birthday I then embarked on a new quest and changed the direction of the blog a bit in pursuit of my “40 after 40.” This is the list of “things” I wanted to accomplish in my fortieth year. I would like to take a moment to thank  all of you for following along over the year and for keeping up with the crane count and participating in my “Kindness Challenge” (which is still ongoing!!) and for throwing out your support and suggestions for the items on my “life list.”

My birthday is just about 2 months away and I have made great progress on my list. One thing I have learned which I will pass along is not to get too locked into your “list” that you miss an opportunity because it isn’t EXACTLY the way you envisioned it. Be open to the experience and allow yourself room to be flexible. For those of you that also made “lists” it’s imperative that you don’t view it as a chore, remember these are things you have always WANTED to do and just didn’t make the time. There is no time like the present!

My list as you can see on the “list” page included some trips and some items that relied on either money or other people to complete and if they don’t get accomplished, well, I’m not planning to expire on my birthday so I will keep them in the forefront of my mind and make sure they get done and after October 15th whatever may not be completed will be moved to a very short list which gives them a greater chance in getting done.

Having said that, Item #39 is to spend a weekend in Boston for fun and research. With the Mr.’s work schedule and more pressing bills and the fact that Boston IS only an hour away. On one very rare complete day off I told the Mr. to head the car towards 93 south and to get off when I tell you the exit. So, we did! We spent a day in The By State and walked along Boston Harbor, we ate our favorite pizza, bought some Italian bread and pastries and spent a long time in the North End, a place that brings back fond memories for me of all the trips we made in there with family over the years and for holiday shopping. Boston is a tradition for my family and I aim to keep it that way! So we did not spend the night in an overpriced hotel, BUT we did use the bathroom in the Marriott next to the New England Aquarium so I had the Mr. take a picture of me IN the hotel IN Boston, so at least we went in one! I also did a ton of research in the North End by taking pictures, exploring parts I hadn’t ever been to or seen in years, and we soaked up the Italian culture I have been missing here in New Hampshire. I have plenty of details and information for several writing projects on my heritage and childhood “haunts” and it was a fantastic day. So am I upset we didn’t sleep over, absolutely not! We had a great day and even sat in the rain a bit looking out at the water and watching and listening the “World” go by. This is an example of being flexible with your goals/dreams. I wasn’t going to miss out on Boston simply because we couldn’t stay overnight. I would still like to but it didn’t dampen the day at all, even the rain shower didn’t dampen the day as it was a welcome relief from the humidity! So I am calling that item – DONE.

I also managed to complete (finally) item #16 “make paella.” This dish intrigued me for years but I just never made it and I had the hardest time settling on a day to make it, as you can see it took almost a year to get it done. It’s a BIG dish filled with a lot of meat and fish and I was waiting for sales on shrimp, torn between inviting people over, but when and who, and when would the Mr. be home, etc. Too many variables gave me a headache. Also complicating it was the fact that there is no ONE recipe for paella and it also requires a pretty large pan that I did not own. So on a day that I was turned down for a $5,000 grant I had been hoping for along with a rejection on 2 poems, the LAST thing I felt like doing was making this dang dish. It would require more energy that I had, BUT with the help of My Mom and the Mr. arriving home early from the gym I made it and it came out great! It wasn’t my favorite dish but to be honest I think it had more to do with my frame of mind and how long it took to prepare, but the time I sat down to eat it I was “over it.” However, it was good and now item #16 is DONE!

Tonight I will complete #40 – attend a writing conference/convention. Due to budget and scheduling conflicts an actual convention was not in the works, however a friend and fellow writer is giving a workshop on writing this evening and I will be attending. It will be good to see her, hear her methods, and it will aid in my professional development, so as of 9:00pm tonight #40 will be DONE.

This is all very exciting to be able to cross them off the list as 1. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment to see tangible proof of progress and 2. These are all things I WANTED to do, not chores, so it makes it that ,much more enjoyable. i am also making great strides towards #’s 1,2, 4, & 21 and my goal is to be wearing the “sexy” boots on my birthday!

So, if you haven’t made your list – go now stop reading about MY goals and go make and achieve your own AND don’t forget to be “kind” along the way. Open that door for someone with a stroller, give your neighbor that extra loaf of zucchini bread, buy the dog a treat, call your Mom or Dad on a day they’re not expecting it! Kindness begins at home and in your community, don’t wait until the calendar tells you to do something for someone, do it today!


www.casazzawriting.com – Corinne Casazza author & speaker.


Put my creativity to work for you! Visit my services page and let me help you design a vision board, goal prop, or a custom poem for a special occasion!


“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.



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