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The weather has a distinct chill which after weeks of heat wave weather is just fine with me. It also means Fall is coming and that means I’m a little over a month away from my birthday. Here’s an update on the progress of my 40 after 40 year-long quest!

#1 &# 2 are in progress but will NOT be completed by this birthday but I am uber-confident by next birthday if not before

#4 & #5 are coming along nicely and I intend to wear the boots for/on my birthday..(that’s what Advil is for!)

#8 Will not happen in this timeframe but I will keep pursuing..

#10 Won’t happen before October but could happen in December!

#11 Hasn’t happened yet

#12 99% done! plan in place to finish!

#13 85% done but plan in place to finish

#14 Not yet but a group of Prowler owners are desperately trying to make it happen!

#15 soon

#18 Calling it done as I have written a TRUE one as opposed to the fictional..out at a pub. as we speak

#19 Max is star in the blog but has not gotten his own book just yet

#21 Well on the way – have a custom program and inches are flying away 🙂

#22 Will work on this winter..have chosen Ice skating..could have done in the summer but the rink is expensive per session.

#23 I learned two – Poker (thanks to the hubby and his sketchy rules) and meditation – working on this technique is quite a challenge to try to quiet my multitasking mind, but I like the results (Thanks Corinne!)

#25 14.70 miles to go!

#26 Picked the Rest. just have to go

#27 One could argue that just waking up on the morning is a scary thing, but that’s a cop-out but there are fears to be faced on a daily basis like fear of rejection, spiders, bridges, getting hurt, etc.. this will be a forever item but I’m calling it done for the purpose of this quest!

#28 several things in the works, but am at the mercy of other people for a few and I did start a new tradition which we will continue this December so..Done

#30/#30 This is nothing but a timing and money issue and will be completed by St. Patrick’s day 2011 at the very latest!

#32 Two surprise birthdays, a French day for the dog, and a pasta feast for the Powerlifters..- done

#33 will have to wait for the snow

#37 was in the works until we lost a family member unexpectedly..but she WILL get there.

So the count is..23 out of 40 so far..check back for more updates ..I have posted the list below if you want to see what exactly is left!!!!

The Master List of the 40 things to accomplish in my 4oth year. Beginning October 16, 2009 and hopefully completed by October 15th, 2010!

  1. To put my real weight on my Driver’s License or-in progress
  2. to weigh what my Driver’s License says I do!-in progress
  3. Try a new/different Hair-style (eek!) – DONE x2
  4. To not give in to the back pain by buying ugly sensible shoes. Fix my Back! so I can…
  5. Buy the sexy  boots and wear them! (1/2 done)
  6. Visit Robert Frost Farm in Derry  ( I know shameful- it’s 15 mins. away)- DONE
  7. To go and see where “The Old Man…” was! – DONE
  8. Get an article published in Yankee Magazine
  9. Finish the screenplay adaptation of  “The S.F.” (cryptic for a reason) – Script Frenzy participant
  10. Take a trip to NEW YORK CITY (for fun and research!)
  11. Win a writing contest that will pay for a cruise vacation
  12. Develop the “Folini Fitness” Brand – DONE
  13. Develop the “Bee Leaf Works” Brand – DONE
  14. Drive a purple Prowler
  15. Learn to drive a stick shift (may have to come before #14)
  16. Make Paella  – DONE
  17. Start a new Christmas “tradition” akin to Halloween “Boo’ing” – DONE!
  18. Write another “Roy” story – DONE
  19. Make “Max” a literary star – DONE
  20. Surprise someone! – Done 2 surprise Birthdays!PLUS
  21. Look like someone who is married to a personal trainer (in other words get healthier) – in progress
  22. Perfect an old skill
  23. Learn a NEW skill! – DONE
  24. Plant and grow pumpkins again – Planted! –Done!
  25. Walk 40 miles – either 20 down and 20 back or for a “cause”, etc
  26. Go to a Restaurant and JUST order the BIG dessert
  27. Do something that scares me (lots of things to pick from here!) – DONE
  28. Start “something” – a group, contest, competition, charity, etc. – DONE
  29. Book 5 speaking engagements/book talks –DONE!
  30. Visit all the Irish pubs in Manch-Vegas
  31. Visit all the Sommer’s Irish pubs in Boston 🙂
  32. Throw a theme party, reunion, etc (or 2) – DONE
  33. Go on a Sleigh ride
  34. Complete a novel in a month during NaNoWriMo – Started….Contract mss due..took priority
  35. Send Children’s picture book to publishers – Mailed to NYC 1/27/10!! – DONEx2
  36. Send poetry chapbook out to a publisher – Done!
  37. Send(or go with) Mimi to Prince Edward Island – on hold
  38. Watch Mike for the first time in a powerlifting competition – DONE
  39. Spend a weekend in Boston (for fun and Research) – DONE
  40. Attend a writing conference/convention – DONE

Watch this page often for updates and completions!



How is your list coming??!!!!

This weekend marks the anniversary of my “Kindness Challenge” I hope you have taken this challenge to heart the past year and helped out your friends, neighbors, and community members in whatever way you could. Big or small makes no difference, it truly is the thought here that counts and making someones day whether it’s anonymous or not. We owe it to ourselves and our friends and family to be kind to one another and take care of each other. It’s a BIG World out there and the little things get lost in the shuffle, don’t let kindness and generosity be one of them!

How many people can you touch this weekend??!!! I’m going for 11! by Monday morning! Message me and let me know how you did. I bet you can do at least 4. That’s only 2 a day! So get out there and start holding doors open for people, let them cut you in line, or give a neighbor your extra tomatoes! You’ll be glad you did!







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