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So the month-long NaNoWriMo begins today! This is where myself as well as people around the country (World) will attempt to craft a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. As I have said before I have written a novella in 3-days so I am confident I can meet this challenge! Since October I have been mulling over exactly which novel, however, to work on this month. You all know how much I love to multi-task so I usually have several projects going at once so trying to pin myself down to just one “novel” idea for a month has been a challenge all by itself. I have jotted some preliminary notes for at least two different novels and have back-burner ideas for 3 others. Decisions, decisions.

This brings me to a point I’d like to make about writing and life in general. As a child when I spent hours a day visiting the library I dreamed of being a writer. As I got a bit older and begin working my way up the “Library Ladder” to Director, I again dreamed of being a full-time writer. In my head when I saw myself as a “Famous Author,” it was always novels. It is ironic then that my first published book was a non-fiction story time/cookbook manual stemming from my years of Library work and children’s programming. It is even more ironic that the next 3 things I published were poems. Between my signing my book contract and making the decision to retire from my Library life to pursue this dream full-time I also had 3 short stories published. Since retiring I have manuscripts for poetry, a collection of true, humorous New England stories, and a children’s picture book. no completely finished novels.

This makes me chuckle as I guess the stereotype of a writer and their “life” of tapping away at a keyboard for hours writing the “Great American Novel,”isnot necessarily reality. In my case I found, I just like to write. My poems often come to me quickly and completely with very little revision needed, this is a bonus and a wonderful gift. I also write screenplays, novels, and of course short stories. What I DID realize a couple of months ago was, even though I wrote a book column for the local paper for 3 years I actually do not like the journalism aspect of writing. I kept thinking I should be querying magazines and interviewing people for these fascinating articles and truth be told. I couldn’t make myself do it. I just plain don’t like it. I LOVED my book column as it was about books and I could put whatever spin on it I chose and I loved the deadline aspect. However, trying to create a fact-based article just really bored me and for a while I felt bad until I realized I didn’t HAVE to write a single magazine article if I didn’t want to. No one was forcing me and I don’t know why I felt obligated too in the first place. Every place I visit and every experience I have can be used in a poem, essay, screenplay, or novel it doesn’t have to be for Yankee, or NHtoDo or anyone. I felt so relieved when I gave myself  permission to NOT write articles and instead stick to what I love and what is most creative.

My point being, it is just as important in writing as well as life to know what you DO NOT want to do as it is to know what it is you like. Doing something you don’t like or want out of sheer obligation or whatever is a disservice to you and everyone else. So if you’re having trouble figuring out “where” to start. Why not try eliminating where you “DON’T” want to start and then evaluate the choices that are left!

Now, I am on to NaNoWriMo! (National Novel Writing Month). Good luck to my fellow NaNo participants and anyone else embarking on something new in November!


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www.nanowrimo.org – for more information




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