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Love it or Loathe it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay and I don’t feel that is a bad thing as sometimes we all need a little reminder to actually SHOW and TELL the ones we love how we feel. Going through our everyday lives sometimes on autopilot important things often get taken for granted and feelings that should be expressed go unspoken. So you don’t have to buy into all the overpriced Roses hoopla but it wouldn’t hurt to take February 14th as a day to make it your mission to let everyone that you love know them, let them stop guessing, take the mystery out of it, don’t wait until there’s a serious illness, tell them now. Tell them yesterday and tell them again tomorrow or show them with a nice meal or washing the salt off their car or doing the dishes. People need to feel loved 365 days of the year but if you can’t do that at least make it a point in February. Really, you have no excuse the heart, flowers, and cupids are everywhere to remind you!

Speaking of “love” thank you all for showing your love to this Blog as It has reached a milestone of 5,000 views! I am so excited about that and I thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend a few minutes with the thoughts, stories, and advice I have shared here. I hope it has helped you and at the very least made you chuckle.

One of the points of this Blog is to help you be happy. Sounds pretty simple and basic and honestly it is. Through my anecdotes and tips and examples, I’m hoping to give a base of a roadmap to help you “Live the Life you have imagined.” They say if your “do what you love, you will love what you do” and wouldn’t it be great if everyone was excited to wake up in the morning because their day was going to unfold exactly the way the envisioned it. How great it would be to book your vacations only now they are not “dream vacations” but reality trips and they happen frequently. Wouldn’t you like to NOT dread Monday because it’s your Monday, you’re excited to work because it’s what you have always wanted to do, or your living where you have always wanted, or working with whom you have always wanted.

The “impossible” dream is possible. Is it easy to attain? Nope. However, it can happen and wouldn’t you rather spend a day putting hard work into YOUR dream then hard work into someone elses for minimum wage? I can’t encourage you enough to think about what you LOVE. When was the last time you got chills that had nothing to do with the snow? If you’re watching something or reading about something and you get a feeling in your stomach and goosebumps on your arms that is your body’s way of saying, “Hey, Pay attention! We like this and we want to do more of it!” Write down what it was that made you feel the excitement and anticipation. Then and this is the step most people stop at….Figure out what is between you and that feeling or goal. Is it lack of talent, experience, knowledge, confidence??? All of those have solutions: Take singing lessons, take a class, read up on the subject, believe in yourself and celebrate the little victory’s along the way. It CAN be done. Find what gives you the chills and go after it! You deserve to wake up everyday with a smile. There are no do-overs in this game of life, know that, you deserve to do and be what you love!


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