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Over on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melissa-Rossetti-Folini-Bee-Leaf-Works/123347344351416 I ran a contest during the past week. I had written a poem and decided to let my fans choose the title. The winner would be given credit for the poem here on this blog and anywhere the poem appears in print in the future. As a writer I feel that titles are the most important part of any piece of writing whether it be your Blog post, Novel, chapter headings, magazine article, or poem. Titles are also my  favorite part of writing. In some cases I come up with a title I love, then build a piece around it, this is similar to buying a pair of earrings then purchasing an outift that goes with them!

I received 15 really varied entries and the creativity of some of them was great. Some made me laugh out loud and others inspired me to want to write a poem that went with THAT title. This contest was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing how other people’s minds work through a creative challenge. So having said all that, the winning title and the poem that inspired it, are pasted below! Congratulations to………………….. Judi McCue!



Robins cling to budded branches that sway in Lions’ breeze,

watching a once winter-still brook that now flows by with ease.

Squirrels search on sodden bank for treasure among the reeds

then race across a field now scattered with white carpet remnants, once green.

If I had somehow missed these signs that winter was ready to go

I would still know that spring is near for a gentle lamb

told me so.

Title by: Judi McCue

Poem by: Melissa Rossetti Folini


Now, I enjoyed all your entries so much that I actually created a poem as a gift to all of you from all of your entries! Thanks for the creative challenge!!! So Judi, Pam, Vaughn, Sharon, Heather, Mark, Mary, Lynn, Mary Beth, Suzanne, and “Cosmo” here is “your” poem! (the titles in Italicized throughout the piece.)


“Spring Salutations”

 I can hear the murmur of Vernal Musings on The Happening of Deliquesce.

I feel Inklings of A New Beginning upon Earth Awakening as the March in Spring Unfolds

to pull the Wool Over Winter.

Everywhere I look The Menagerie of March Madness points the way to The Promise of Spring.

I sigh in recognition of the Soothing Inception of Winter’s Final Whisper and Spring’s Gentle Roar.

The Not so Silence of the Lambs decrees spring is here once more.


Thank you all again and rest assured there will be more contests forthcoming. This was a great exercise for me and I loved having all your participation!



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