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So here it is, Project # 1 – This particular project was taken from the September issue  of  Writer’s Digest  magazine (WritersDigest.com.) Now, I have put my own spin on the project and I encourage you to do the same with MY list. If you are a writer, use this list whole or tweak it to fit your life, if you are not a writer but say an artist, musician, gardener, Long-distance runner, etc you can make this list work for you as well. You will see what I mean as we go along.

Here it is, the”Writer’s Bucket list” (10 items)


~I am calling this done for me personally as I have had several published – I continue to write and submit, but for the sake of this item I am complete √


~This item, for me, was on my 40 after 40 list – I did attend a few classes/seminars but not a full-fledged conference but it is a short-term goal. A suggestion for you when thinking of attending any kind of conference is to investigate the group sponsoring it. Many time if you become a member of that group (your dues are good for a year) you can get advance notice of events and a big discount on the big conferences. It is worth your time to see if you’d like to be a member of their organization and support their programs before attending the conference. It will save you money and you may make some excellent network contacts as well


~ I investigated this and, even though I write in several different areas I found magazines were not necessarily my passion. I have many “article-type” stories but I don’t enjoy the querying of  many magazines to see if they are a fit. It is time-consuming for me however for those waiting for a novel or other manuscript to hit it’s worth the time investment to try to bring is some extra money while you wait on other publishers. The best advice is to do your homework on the magazine and make sure your query letter is stellar!

4. VISIT CITY LIGHTS (Bookstore in San Francisco) – This is the suggestion of Elizabeth Sims the author of the WD article.

~Now this is where I encourage you to veer off if you wish too. I honestly don’t see myself traveling to California or San Francisco in particular any time in the near future, as such this one doesn’t work for me, However, there are a few very large bookstores in New York City I have yet to visit and I love New York and hope to make much more frequent trips there in the future so that will be my “book store” goal for # 4. Where would you  like to visit? What’s the holy grail of bookstores for you?


~Pretty straighforward, I have written several and only submitted two, again it’s like the magazines and taking the time to find a place they fit within the guidelines of that particular project. I do like to write these types of pieces, however and I encourage you to do the same they can be cathartic and funny and when you have a bunch you can package them together as a cohesive manuscript to try to submit.


~This can be as simple as borrowing a friends empty beach house for a weekend in the off-season, or applying to one of the writer’s residences designed for this purpose. In New Hampshire there is the famous MacDowell Colony in Peterborough. Most of these retreats have an application process and offer no money but they do offer you a week to a month to stay and contemplate and create in beautiful surroundings. I have my eye on one in Ireland and one in Hawaii but they will take some grant money that I have not won yet but they are on the short list! What locales inspire you? Are there any quiet areas in your neighborhood you could “hide” for a day or two? Once you start looking you will see how many opportunities there are out there!


~This, for most writer’s is IT. The “great-american” novel of old. It is why most people dive into writing in the first place as they feel they have some epic story inside they just need to get out. Well, do it. There is no right or wrong way to start. All authors have different styles and if you wish to start with the last chapter and handwrite it on a the back of envelopes than go ahead, whatever works for you. Now, when your done should you wish to submit you masterpiece it will need to be typed in Times New Roman in 12pt font, double-spaced, but for now just start writing it however and wherever you want!

8. GO TO BEA (Book Expo America)- this is the biggest publishing event for the U.S. typically held once a year in New York.

~So this one has been on my list for a long time, actually it was on my list when I was a Library Director but small towns have small budgets! But how cool to go as a spectator, an author or a presenter – this is the BIG event for all things in the writing World and well worth a look at their website to peak your curiosity  –http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/Show-Info/


~I was assigned only a smattering of Shakespeare by a disinterested English teacher that was too busy railing against the establishment while in the midst of a messy affair and divorce. He made it so tedious I never picked up another, however, as  poet I am interested in the format and language of the sonnets that I am willing to give it a go. I also like the ideas behind some of the movies I’ve seen and I would like to attempt to read several works and better grasp his style. I am planning on starting with “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

10. FILL IN THE BLANK________________________

~What item is NOT on this list that you have set or would like to set as a personal writing-life goal? Here’s your chance. I of course have too many to list here as many of you regular followers already know, I always have several things going at once! So this one is up to you it can be a long or short-term goal. Could be tangible, like a completed manuscript or more abstract like a trip or maybe just vowing to do 1 hour of research a day – or how about attempting to read the books that accompany your favorite move – not the novelization that came after BUT the book that inspired it in the 1st place. there are millions, literally a few obvious, Harry Potter Series, The Godfather, Eat, Pray, Love, The Cat in the Hat! You get the idea.

We writer’s are powerful people as most people say they find reading boring and they don’t have time, BUT they all find time for movies, right? Love those movies and the premieres and midnight showings, well guess where most of them came from? Many movies these days are NOT original screenplays Spiderman which spawned several movie sequels was a comic book first. So don’t be discouraged if people don’t want to “read” what you write as eventually they will “see” it in the theaters and for you poets, they will “hear” on the local radio being sing by Faith Hill or Christina Aguilera!

So there you have it – a list to challenge and inspire you to branch out in your writing. Have fun with it and I encourage you to leave your comments on the post to let others know of your progress and success. And if you are not a writer you can make this list work too! If you are an artist, your ten goals could include visiting every gallery in your state, having an exhibit of your work in a local gallery or local Library, Imitate a famous painting with your own style etc…. and for you long-distance runners how about a list consisting of running a marathon in all 50 states, entering a triathlon, or an Ironman competition or running every road in your town at least once?

As you see this list can be adapted to whatever walk of life you are taking. Just find what you love and write down the numbers one to ten and get going. My suggestion is to make it fun and also challenging, get your friends to make lists also and encourage each other and check on their progress. Also make short and long-term goals. If they are all too far out and seem unattainable you will get frustrated, bored and quit. Most important just start, you never know where you will finish! Have fun.




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It has been awhile since my last post. It is ironic that when one is a full-time writer that there is often no time to write on their blog! More to the point I like this forum to be entertaining and somewhat informative and as a platform, I don’t feel I need to post everyday with just random thoughts for the sake of making a post. And to post a quote and wax poetic about it – well that takes time from the writing I am supposed to be doing that pays the bills. So, in some instances I am choosing not to “waste” your time and mine. I told myself when I had a new project for either writing or life as that’s what this blog is about, that I would share it.

So, it is now August 2nd and August has always been a kick-start month for me. Many of my most important events and milestones have happened in August and many projects I started in August were met with great success. It may seem a quirky thing to you but it’s something I pay attention to. Life is often odd and random and when something gives you goosebumps or seems to be “calling” to you, PAY ATTENTION.

So, I have two new items that I will be “blogging” about.

1. is a writing item, not just for me but for the other writers (aspiring or otherwise) that follow this blog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2. is a “life” project that I am embarking on along with my Mom and my husband I have not broken the news to them yet BUT when they see what it is I am sure they will both jump on the bandwagon willingly.  However, that reveal is for another day but I am looking forward to starting it as it should be a ton of fun for us and everyone needs something fun to look forward too!

With that I will say, “stay tuned” as I’d like to put it in a separate post as easier reference for those of you who may choose to follow or embark on that journey as well!

Thanks for following along and I hope that these new projects will inspire you to either participate or start projects of your own and if you simply reading for entertainment, well then that’s fine too! I’m glad to have you.

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments and questions on the blog!


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