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It is March 1st and we finally have the first major storm here in New Hampshire since Halloween! It’s close to a foot in some areas and it’s days like this I am glad I am fortunate enough to work from home.

As I mentioned yesterday I am running a writing-type contest over on my Facebook page. Hop over and “like” the page and send in an entry, you have until Friday at 10am!

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Also, as I mentioned yesterday there is a Photo-a-day challenge for March as well. I will not be participating in this one but February was a lot of fun so if you missed it why not try out the one for March? I am always looking for new “challenges” I love tight deadlines, short word counts, interesting angles. Script Frenzy is coming up again in April, anyone have any suggestion for other challenges. Leave me a comment if you know of something fun I should try!

Now, even though they aren’t from the challenge I’m going to leave you with a couple of pictures from the storm, just because!






The BIG picture window I look out every day into the backyard has the appearance of fringy bangs or monster fangs! What do you think?!









One of my turkey friends foraging for snacks just as the snow began to fall in earnest Wed. afternoon.


March’s Challenge list














“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.










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