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This is a continuation of my post from the other day. I had many comments, messages, & emails and a lot of you had some questions which I will answer here. I had thought of adding in the “food” part of my weight loss journey to the previous post but it already had topped out at 1,ooo+ words. So here’s what you asked for.

To lose 30 lbs since Dec. 1st did I do any exercise or any diet other than Zumba?

-The short answer is “not really.” I have been doing Zumba since Sept. I went from 2-3 classes a week to 2-3 days doing it at home when it was not offered at the gym. I don’t enjoy lifting weights but they are beneficial and I target my arms in particular by doing 3 specific arm exercises with weights starting with 5lb dumbbells in each hand and I now lift approx 17.5lbs@. It takes less than 10-minutes and that’s fine with me. I hate any exercise that involves the floor and Zumba helps your hips/waist and core but I wanted more so I added 100 crunches a day- done on a weight bench so I don’t have to get on the floor. I am up to 180 crunches a day as of this morning. You can work your abdominals every day so I do them 6 days a week and the weights are every other and that’s it for additional exercise. I was walking in the evenings when it was nice but due to the foot pain and rain that has been curtailed.

I was given a calorie/heart-rate watch for Christmas –  as the key for me BESIDE taking measurements was to know just how many calories I was burning. Of course its not as many as you think when you finish laundry or vacuuming – you do burn but it’s in the 1-200 range. I burn on average 1,000 calories and HOUR in a Zumba class. Once I had a concrete number it was a lot easier to manage my food intake. I am not on a diet, no packaged foods, shakes, meal replacements, bars, etc. I simply cut back. One motivation was the cruise we leave on on Saturday, I wanted to see how much I could lose before we left. My goal was 30 and I hit it.  Now, we all have been eating more salads and I have yogurt for breakfast as I LOVE dinner and would rather save my calories for then but we are not denied anything. Saturday, as a pre-Mother’s day treat we went for seafood. I had lobster, fried calamari, and a piece of decadent chocolate cake, I left most of my fries as the cake was more important – no one told me too  – it was a cheat day and my choice and dinner was a chef salad and no one felt deprived. I will say that I am one that has to have some kind of carb with lunches like salads and sandwiches. Special K’s Cracker crisps have been a lifesaver for me! you can have 27!! for 110 calories. Most chips or tortilla chips are 130-140 calories for roughly 8-13 chips. Can YOU stop at 8 chips? I can’t – I love counting out my 27 chips and seeing them on the table – psychologically it’s about the quantity and physically they taste good and coupled with a salad its a 400 calorie lunch! I am not a STRICT calorie counter but once I knew what I was burning I wanted to see what I was actually consuming and thought how many Zumba classes is it going to take to get rid of that?! Some foods were very surprising both good and bad in the calorie per serving and it helps just to be aware and we make decisions – if you want to eat ALL that then you have to step up the exercise the next day or it’ll be on your hips. It’s a choice and a balance and we are all eating healthier and more mindful and we actually spilt a piece of Ouzo poundcake for dessert the other night and I still lost a pound the next day.

I also suffer from sciatica which since about 3 months into the Zumba has lessened quite a bit. With the weight-loss I can go a week without throwing a knot in my back whereas before, I was in pain every single night. I had pain patches and was constantly having the knots “ground” out by the Mr. I also have suffered from knee pain since High School. It is almost non-existent as well. My joints are looser due to the exercise even with all that salsa and merengue and there is less weight for them to carry around.

Zumba has a Zumba Gold program for anyone with ailments of back and knee and for the older generation – it’s less impact and just as fun! So if you don’t think you can handle a regular, try a Gold or an Aqua Zumba in the pool. Zumba also builds into its routines and instructs us to do so as well several levels. So when we make a routine we start off slow, the next time we add a jump, the third time we add a kick. You can do all or just stay at the 1st level the choice is yours!!

Aside from my foot pain (which is tweaking my back a bit) I feel MUCH better than I have in years, the chronic pain that was my constant companion is gone and I have a lot more stamina and I now don’t have an aversion to sweating – it means my heart-rates up and the pounds are going down!

This is something with no end. This is not a diet that took out my carbs and fruit and sugar and adds them back in a week or  a month, this is not packaged food. I cook every night for us and I needed to do this this way, as we are Italian, we LOVE to eat, I like to make BIG Sunday dinners  I just needed to be mindful of what and how much and to literally get my ass in motion.

I think that answers everyone’s questions and concerns and I wish you all the best on your healthy journeys whatever they may be and I thank you for all your support and positive comments! I feel great and I am going to enjoy this cruise in clothes in a size that have been absent for years & I no longer dread the airline seat!

If you have any further comments or questions don’t hesitate to comment or message me!

Now, I am off to Zumba!


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“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.






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As regular followers know, I am a writer, poet, speaker, etc. What you may not know is I am now a certified Zumba Instructor! In the past I have written of my disdain for exercise and how my Personal Trainer husband could care less how much I weigh or whether I accompany him to the gym. He took it in stride when I scoffed at his “no carbs after 4pm” rule. No Carbs?? hellooooo “My name is Melissa and I am a Carbohydrate addict!” Really, LOVE my potatoes and Bertucci’s rolls, Olive Garden’s Breadsticks..ok I need to stop. Anyway, I have tried different exercises over the years and all the fad diets as well and nothing stuck as 99% of exercise, I HATE, and when you put forth a mammoth effort and you don’t see results yet go a weekend with no exercise and high calorie food and it shows up immediately…well that just ain’t right or fair.

My husband is now a General Manager of a gym and I went through one of his 8-week boot camp classes- hated every minute, heckled him throughout, refused to put down my kettlebell between reps for the simple reason I didn’t want to bend over and pick it up again.(Anyway it’s about the same weight as a really heavy purse only not as attractive.) I found I did have more stamina at the end of the 8 weeks and I went from doing “girl” push-ups to 45 “guy” push-ups. I was very proud of that, but the scale NEVER. MOVED. Can you say frustrated??!!

So I had been watching exercise infomercials from the couch like everyone else and saw one for Zumba, I love to dance, always have and this looked like fun, BUT I am not one to order  off the T.V. so I just watched my 30 mins and got on with my life. Then in September of 2011 he was finally given permission to start offering Zumba classes at his club. I took one class and my friends, the rest is history! I had a fantastic instructor, that was pregnant by the way, and Zumba’d with us right up until TWO days before giving birth. I went to her class twice a week and got so good that I actually had people ask if I had dance training, have I been doing Zumba for a long time?..etc…I also had several members either tell me or my husband that they would stand behind me  so they could watch my feet in case the room was so crowded they couldn’t see the instructor. I was very flattered. Eventually everyone asked if I was going to be an instructor. I just laughed. How could the overweight, anti-gym girl become an EXERCISE instructor?? 1. It’s WAY out of my comfort zone and 2. I hated to exercise remember? 3. Only size 4 barbie-look-a-likes were group exercise instructors…right?

I let the idea sit for a long time..One certification class went by and I was unable to attend anyway and by the time the next one popped up I was warming to the idea. It was now April, and I was now doing Zumba at home on the days I was not at the gym and I added a 3rd class at the gym with a different firecracker of an instructor and as I have a very good memory, I memorized all their routines and was now able to Zumba 6 days a week and I LOVED it. I added a very minimal specific weight training routine to my schedule along with good old fashion crunches (done on a bench) and since December 1st I have lost 30-pounds!

Now, since September 1st I have lost 16 inches overall! Most noticeably 5 1/2 just from my hips. I now only have one chin and a jaw line I haven’t seen in decades! I will stress the importance of measuring yourself as there were times that scale crossed its arms, shook its head, and simply refused to budge but the measurements were going down, the clothes were fitting better, and then voila after about 16 weeks of regular exercise the scale began its descent!

With that encouragement and motivation I took that instructor training and became certified on March 4, 2012! ironically as I was preparing a class routine/song list I began to have severe foot pain. So the anti-gym girl 1. finds an exercise she LOVES 2.gets in better shape 3. Becomes certified to teach others and then gets an injury in the two most important body parts in Zumba, her feet! Ain’t that a kick in the teeth?!

Now the old me would have thrown up her hands and thrown away her sports bra and said “see, exercise is bad for you.” However, I have been pushing though the pain and I keep shaking it at home and in class to the tune of 1,000-1,100 calories burned an HOUR. They still hurt but I ice them, massage them, and have shoe inserts and I just crank my iPod and keep going. I know they will get better and I am on a journey I won’t be derailed from!

As such, I have finally gotten my self and my confidence to the point where I will be teaching a song or two this coming week and going for my 1st audition for a Zumba teaching position as well.

It may sound cliché’ but when you find an exercise you like you WILL stick with it! I am living proof! The girl who loves her potatoes and hates the gym is  30-pounds lighter physically and mentally in the best place I have been in years. I am happy to teach others how to shake it- “give me an hour and I’ll change your life! “I’m not saying Zumba is the answer to your health/exercise prayers but it was mine – so keep trying new things until something clicks and more importantly stick with it long enough for results to show up (more than 7 days!!) and take your measurements I can’t stress that enough!

Yes, I am still writing up a storm that is my full-time vocation/love. Zumba is my 2nd! Hopefully I will be in a place soon where you can all come and dance with me!

A few before and after photos, as isn’t that always the best part of those infomercials??! 🙂

My Birthday October 2011




Christmas 2011






Things were definitely tightening up but the scale remained the same














May 5, 2012 we have a waist!










Zumba instructor shirt

-30lbs and 16 inches overall!

I welcome your questions and comments..please feel free to post below!




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“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.



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Day 19 subject “something you hate to do”…the dreaded bill-paying!


Day 20 subject “handwriting” – this photo is actually my handwriting. I know it looks cryptic and unreadable and that is mainly due to a lifetime of being surrounded by nosy siblings and co-workers. This is what it has morphed into and yes, I can read it (most days!)






Day 21 subject “favorite photo of you” – One of my favorites from our wedding day almost 3 years ago. 🙂













“Come on over and join me on Facebook! “Like” my page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melissa-Rossetti-Folini-Bee-Leaf-Works/123347344351416


“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.







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So here it is, Project # 1 – This particular project was taken from the September issue  of  Writer’s Digest  magazine (WritersDigest.com.) Now, I have put my own spin on the project and I encourage you to do the same with MY list. If you are a writer, use this list whole or tweak it to fit your life, if you are not a writer but say an artist, musician, gardener, Long-distance runner, etc you can make this list work for you as well. You will see what I mean as we go along.

Here it is, the”Writer’s Bucket list” (10 items)


~I am calling this done for me personally as I have had several published – I continue to write and submit, but for the sake of this item I am complete √


~This item, for me, was on my 40 after 40 list – I did attend a few classes/seminars but not a full-fledged conference but it is a short-term goal. A suggestion for you when thinking of attending any kind of conference is to investigate the group sponsoring it. Many time if you become a member of that group (your dues are good for a year) you can get advance notice of events and a big discount on the big conferences. It is worth your time to see if you’d like to be a member of their organization and support their programs before attending the conference. It will save you money and you may make some excellent network contacts as well


~ I investigated this and, even though I write in several different areas I found magazines were not necessarily my passion. I have many “article-type” stories but I don’t enjoy the querying of  many magazines to see if they are a fit. It is time-consuming for me however for those waiting for a novel or other manuscript to hit it’s worth the time investment to try to bring is some extra money while you wait on other publishers. The best advice is to do your homework on the magazine and make sure your query letter is stellar!

4. VISIT CITY LIGHTS (Bookstore in San Francisco) – This is the suggestion of Elizabeth Sims the author of the WD article.

~Now this is where I encourage you to veer off if you wish too. I honestly don’t see myself traveling to California or San Francisco in particular any time in the near future, as such this one doesn’t work for me, However, there are a few very large bookstores in New York City I have yet to visit and I love New York and hope to make much more frequent trips there in the future so that will be my “book store” goal for # 4. Where would you  like to visit? What’s the holy grail of bookstores for you?


~Pretty straighforward, I have written several and only submitted two, again it’s like the magazines and taking the time to find a place they fit within the guidelines of that particular project. I do like to write these types of pieces, however and I encourage you to do the same they can be cathartic and funny and when you have a bunch you can package them together as a cohesive manuscript to try to submit.


~This can be as simple as borrowing a friends empty beach house for a weekend in the off-season, or applying to one of the writer’s residences designed for this purpose. In New Hampshire there is the famous MacDowell Colony in Peterborough. Most of these retreats have an application process and offer no money but they do offer you a week to a month to stay and contemplate and create in beautiful surroundings. I have my eye on one in Ireland and one in Hawaii but they will take some grant money that I have not won yet but they are on the short list! What locales inspire you? Are there any quiet areas in your neighborhood you could “hide” for a day or two? Once you start looking you will see how many opportunities there are out there!


~This, for most writer’s is IT. The “great-american” novel of old. It is why most people dive into writing in the first place as they feel they have some epic story inside they just need to get out. Well, do it. There is no right or wrong way to start. All authors have different styles and if you wish to start with the last chapter and handwrite it on a the back of envelopes than go ahead, whatever works for you. Now, when your done should you wish to submit you masterpiece it will need to be typed in Times New Roman in 12pt font, double-spaced, but for now just start writing it however and wherever you want!

8. GO TO BEA (Book Expo America)- this is the biggest publishing event for the U.S. typically held once a year in New York.

~So this one has been on my list for a long time, actually it was on my list when I was a Library Director but small towns have small budgets! But how cool to go as a spectator, an author or a presenter – this is the BIG event for all things in the writing World and well worth a look at their website to peak your curiosity  –http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/Show-Info/


~I was assigned only a smattering of Shakespeare by a disinterested English teacher that was too busy railing against the establishment while in the midst of a messy affair and divorce. He made it so tedious I never picked up another, however, as  poet I am interested in the format and language of the sonnets that I am willing to give it a go. I also like the ideas behind some of the movies I’ve seen and I would like to attempt to read several works and better grasp his style. I am planning on starting with “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

10. FILL IN THE BLANK________________________

~What item is NOT on this list that you have set or would like to set as a personal writing-life goal? Here’s your chance. I of course have too many to list here as many of you regular followers already know, I always have several things going at once! So this one is up to you it can be a long or short-term goal. Could be tangible, like a completed manuscript or more abstract like a trip or maybe just vowing to do 1 hour of research a day – or how about attempting to read the books that accompany your favorite move – not the novelization that came after BUT the book that inspired it in the 1st place. there are millions, literally a few obvious, Harry Potter Series, The Godfather, Eat, Pray, Love, The Cat in the Hat! You get the idea.

We writer’s are powerful people as most people say they find reading boring and they don’t have time, BUT they all find time for movies, right? Love those movies and the premieres and midnight showings, well guess where most of them came from? Many movies these days are NOT original screenplays Spiderman which spawned several movie sequels was a comic book first. So don’t be discouraged if people don’t want to “read” what you write as eventually they will “see” it in the theaters and for you poets, they will “hear” on the local radio being sing by Faith Hill or Christina Aguilera!

So there you have it – a list to challenge and inspire you to branch out in your writing. Have fun with it and I encourage you to leave your comments on the post to let others know of your progress and success. And if you are not a writer you can make this list work too! If you are an artist, your ten goals could include visiting every gallery in your state, having an exhibit of your work in a local gallery or local Library, Imitate a famous painting with your own style etc…. and for you long-distance runners how about a list consisting of running a marathon in all 50 states, entering a triathlon, or an Ironman competition or running every road in your town at least once?

As you see this list can be adapted to whatever walk of life you are taking. Just find what you love and write down the numbers one to ten and get going. My suggestion is to make it fun and also challenging, get your friends to make lists also and encourage each other and check on their progress. Also make short and long-term goals. If they are all too far out and seem unattainable you will get frustrated, bored and quit. Most important just start, you never know where you will finish! Have fun.



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Love it or Loathe it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay and I don’t feel that is a bad thing as sometimes we all need a little reminder to actually SHOW and TELL the ones we love how we feel. Going through our everyday lives sometimes on autopilot important things often get taken for granted and feelings that should be expressed go unspoken. So you don’t have to buy into all the overpriced Roses hoopla but it wouldn’t hurt to take February 14th as a day to make it your mission to let everyone that you love know them, let them stop guessing, take the mystery out of it, don’t wait until there’s a serious illness, tell them now. Tell them yesterday and tell them again tomorrow or show them with a nice meal or washing the salt off their car or doing the dishes. People need to feel loved 365 days of the year but if you can’t do that at least make it a point in February. Really, you have no excuse the heart, flowers, and cupids are everywhere to remind you!

Speaking of “love” thank you all for showing your love to this Blog as It has reached a milestone of 5,000 views! I am so excited about that and I thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend a few minutes with the thoughts, stories, and advice I have shared here. I hope it has helped you and at the very least made you chuckle.

One of the points of this Blog is to help you be happy. Sounds pretty simple and basic and honestly it is. Through my anecdotes and tips and examples, I’m hoping to give a base of a roadmap to help you “Live the Life you have imagined.” They say if your “do what you love, you will love what you do” and wouldn’t it be great if everyone was excited to wake up in the morning because their day was going to unfold exactly the way the envisioned it. How great it would be to book your vacations only now they are not “dream vacations” but reality trips and they happen frequently. Wouldn’t you like to NOT dread Monday because it’s your Monday, you’re excited to work because it’s what you have always wanted to do, or your living where you have always wanted, or working with whom you have always wanted.

The “impossible” dream is possible. Is it easy to attain? Nope. However, it can happen and wouldn’t you rather spend a day putting hard work into YOUR dream then hard work into someone elses for minimum wage? I can’t encourage you enough to think about what you LOVE. When was the last time you got chills that had nothing to do with the snow? If you’re watching something or reading about something and you get a feeling in your stomach and goosebumps on your arms that is your body’s way of saying, “Hey, Pay attention! We like this and we want to do more of it!” Write down what it was that made you feel the excitement and anticipation. Then and this is the step most people stop at….Figure out what is between you and that feeling or goal. Is it lack of talent, experience, knowledge, confidence??? All of those have solutions: Take singing lessons, take a class, read up on the subject, believe in yourself and celebrate the little victory’s along the way. It CAN be done. Find what gives you the chills and go after it! You deserve to wake up everyday with a smile. There are no do-overs in this game of life, know that, you deserve to do and be what you love!


Put my creativity to work for you! Visit my services page and let me help you design a vision board, goal prop, or a custom poem for a special occasion! 

I am also available to speak for your group, club, or function.


“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.  



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Yesterday was Bastille Day and as such we had a day-long food celebration as I reported in previous blogs that I believe or retriever, “Max” is French. He sits to the command “Croissant” and lays down to the command “Ganache.” I have no idea but it works. He did get to enjoy some of the food and he was sporting TWO new bandannas, one red and one blue.  It was a fun day and having theme dinners however small breaks up the food monotony and gives you something to look forward too. A few pictures are posted below.

Now, for the 40 after 40 list update!

Sunday, we will be completing another item but it is a surprise from the Mr. so I will not reveal it just yet but I am excited to cross it off the list and my mom is involved as well.

As for the BIG dessert challenge, I have not received an overhwelming response so I shall be picking between places I always wanted to try one and never did some of the contenders will be “The Outback” restaurant and the “Longhorn,” to name a couple

I started a new exercise program on Monday which will help with #’s 1, 2, 4, 25, and a couple of others. It’s been four days and so far so good! This program gives you a cheat day so THAT will be the day we consume the BIG dessert!

As for the Plymouth Prowler, I know there are a few around as I have seen them, no bites yet on here or Twitter so I took the next step and posted it on Craigslist –http://nh.craigslist.org/com/1844597478.html  so we shall see how that goes!

I will be working on #15 when schedules permit with my willing friend! and I had an idea last night for the “perfecting and old skill” research is involved but I’ll check it out.

As for learning a new skill…..Is playing poker a skill?? The Mr. has taught me with some creative (missing) instructions and so far I have manged to beat him more often than not. 🙂 So that could potentially be finished….jury is still out though.

I am going to post the list below for those of you that don’t feel like clicking on a separate page to see my progress!

Thanks for the offers of help and input thus far and full steam ahead!!!!!!!!!!


The Master List of the 40 things to accomplish in my 4oth year. Beginning October 16, 2009 and hopefully completed by October 15th, 2010!

  1. To put my real weight on my Driver’s License or
  2. to weigh what my Driver’s License says I do!
  3. Try a new/different Hair-style (eek!) – DONE x2
  4. To not give in to the back pain by buying ugly sensible shoes. Fix my Back! so I can…
  5. Buy the sexy  boots and wear them! (1/2 done)
  6. Visit Robert Frost Farm in Derry  ( I know shameful it’s 15 mins. away)- DONE
  7. To go and see where “The Old Man…” was!
  8. Get an article published in Yankee Magazine
  9. Finish the screenplay adaptation of  “The S.F.” (cryptic for a reason) – Script Frenzy participant
  10. Take a trip to NEW YORK CITY (for fun and research!)
  11. Win a writing contest that will pay for a cruise vacation
  12. Develop the “Folini Fitness” Brand
  13. Develop the “Bee Leaf Works” Brand
  14. Drive a purple Prowler
  15. Learn to drive a stick shift (may have to come before #14)
  16. Make Paella
  17. Start a new Christmas “tradition” akin to Halloween “Boo’ing” – DONE!
  18. Write another “Roy” story
  19. Make “Max” a literary star
  20. Surprise someone! – Done 2 surprise Birthdays!
  21. Look like someone who is married to a personal trainer (in other words get healthier)
  22. Perfect an old skill
  23. Learn a NEW skill!
  24. Plant and grow pumpkins again – Planted! -Done!
  25. Walk 40 miles – either 20 down and 20 back or for a “cause”, etc
  26. Go to a Restaurant and JUST order the BIG dessert
  27. Do something that scares me (lots of things to pick from here!)
  28. Start “something” – a group, contest, competition, charity, etc.
  29. Book 5 speaking engagements/book talks –DONE!
  30. Visit all the Irish pubs in Manch-Vegas
  31. Visit all the Sommer’s Irish pubs in Boston
  32. Throw a theme party, reunion, etc (or 2)
  33. Go on a Sleigh ride
  34. Complete a novel in a month during NaNoWriMo – Started….Contract mss due..took priority
  35. Send Children’s picture book to publishers – Mailed to NYC 1/27/10!! – DONE
  36. Send poetry chapbook out to a publisher – Done!
  37. Send(or go with) Mimi to Prince Edward Island
  38. Watch Mike for the first time in a powerlifting competition – DONE
  39. Spend a weekend in Boston (for fun and Research)
  40. Attend a writing conference/convention



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So in trying to get one of necklaces out to wear tonight I found it was tangled up with about 3 other ones, not to mention a couple of earrings and a bracelet. I am very patient person, unless I physically don’t feel well, but this situation, although irritating was not beyond my capabilities. I actually am very good at untangling things and getting knots out of chains that others would either snap or throw away. I just keep pecking at it until I fix it and if it becomes to much I put it down and try again later or another day. I managed to untangle all the jewelry and have it laying on the counter to avoid any future “involvement” while I decide on the best place to put them. As the Mr. and I are still newlyweds and our home is also brand new it is taking time to find the right place to store and put things so it “works” for everyone. So fo now they are ll out and playing nicely on the counter.

This got me to thinking about life and goals, etc. Sometimes what we truly want is all wrapped up in something else and the reason we can’t get to it, or achieve it is that we must first “untangle” it from all the other things it is mixed up in. In short we need to take it one step at a time and fix and undo one knot at a time to get rid of the obstacles that are in the way. Once we loosen up all the others, what we are looking for will suddenly be free, available and ready for use!

This is where the importance of making lists and plans come into play. You listed your goals, now how are you going to get there? You can’t go from point A to point B in one shot. How do I know this??? If you could, wouldn’t you already be there???

Take your goal/dream and list what stands between you and  it –  now put them in order of what needs to be untangled first, when it’s done check it off and move on to number 2. If you need to take a class to get to your goal your first step is not the “obvious” choice of signing up for school. That’s a HUGE step and it will scare you into retreating and putting the goal on the back burner while more and more of your life passes. No, the first step is to list the schools you’d like to go to, then research their curriculum and requirements, then research the cost, aid, etc. Then plan how you’ll pay, Then get your transcripts together…etc….there are many small steps (victories) you have to achieve before you jump off the deep end and buy your highlighters. One of the LAST steps is signing up for school. Take the baby steps and check them off and before you know it you just took a pain-free fearless journey right to the doorstep of your dream!

You’ve got to untangle ONE CHAIN AT A TIME to get to the one you want.

So get your goals and your notebook and make your list and start making it happen!! Having the life you want doesn’t have to be scary or unattainable. Dream it, Dissect it, Plan it, then DO IT!



“Story Times Good Enough to Eat” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – release date 1.30.2010




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