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Day 27 Subject – something you ate!

Ok this photo is going to make some of you say, “ewwwww.” However, this is a tradition started with my Dad when I was little. Tradition is a very important part of my life and now that my Dad is gone I have been trying to pass these things on to my nephew as he would have done. I learned also that my husband has a few traditions from his family but not nearly as many as I do and one of the things he loves about me is my holiday traditions and my ability to make an ordinary meal special. He appreciates my going the “extra mile” by adding festive paper goods or a decoration or something to commemorate a special day. Just last week we celebrated Mardi gras. It was a really a regular old Tuesday for us but I added some beads he’d “caught “for me at a parade, some paper goods and a Mardi gras mask wearing rubber duck. It took less than 3 minutes to decorate and Voila a regular Tuesday became “Fat Tuesday.” These little touches don’t take a lot of time or a lot of money, just a bit of creativity. Don’t you owe it to yourself to enjoy a weeknight dinner just as much as a special occasion?! Your family will appreciate it! You might even be able to make a new tradition out of it!

Back to “what I ate.” We are Italian and the North End in Boston, Mass. is one of my favorite places in the World, not just for the food but for the sights, sounds, experiences, and the memories it brings back. This “memory” is a tradition from our annual week before Christmas pilgrimage. My Dad would always get a raw clam on the half-shell and I always participated! My husband LOVES them and my nephew tolerated it! But I secretly think even though it wasn’t the best tasting thing he ate that day that he loved the idea and tradition behind it and THAT is what it’s all about!

These can be eaten, 1. plain 2. with a squeeze of lemon 3. with a dash of tabasco (&lemon.) Me, I eat them plain and VERY QUICKLY before my brain can register what I just put in my mouth!










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