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Day 28 subject “money”







This is Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” One of the newest and biggest ships in their fleet! It has a zip line, wave rider, skating rink..yes, it’s enormous and we’ll be sailing on it in a couple of months so every penny found in a parking lot is going straight into the fund!


Contest alert! OK over on my Facebook page I will be announcing a contest tomorrow in honor of Leap Day! details will be posted on my facebook page only and you must “like” the page in order to participate. The prize will depend on the proximity of the winner to me! Get your creative juices flowing and come visit me on Facebook and I’ll “see” you tomorrow!


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“Story Times Good Enough to Eat! : Thematic programs with edible story crafts” by Melissa Rossetti Folini – Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO – Jan. 2010 – 3 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, also available from Barnes and Noble  or from the author.



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So this weekend while I was preparing to go to my grandson Hunter’s 1st birthday party my husband, friends, and family were preparing a party for me as well! Immediately after the party I was kidnapped and driven to the Shogun Japanese restaurant where my friends and some family members who had already left Hunter’s party were waiting to yell surprise! And it was. I had actually planned to make my first trip to the Shogun on Sunday the following day to celebrate the completion of my crane project. I had my coupon and my crane earrings out and sitting on my desk. Well, I didn’t need them I guess as my first trip coincided with a surprise party for the 12th anniversary of my 28th birthday. It was quite an experience and it was actually hilarious although I’m not sure it was supposed to be. I had sake (warm) and watched my food being sliced and diced in front of me and the cook cleaned up after himself by tossing eggshells and shrimp tails into his chef coat pocket. There was a singing of Happy birthday in English (?!) then something followed in Japanese that  is very difficult to politely describe! So I can now say that I have been and I shall save my coupon and my earrings for another time! A funny note is that as birthday girl I was given a piece of cheesecake with a candle in it. Not something Japanese, unfortunately I am lactose intolerant so I couldn’t eat it but everyone else enjoyed it! 🙂

We also had our last two manifesting meals yesterday (since we’d already been to the Shogun). I combined the islands with the Caribbean cruise and we had our cheeseburgers in paradise complete with Royal Caribbean Risotto! some pics are below.

Now, an update on my “40” list.

I did some checking on #6 the visit to Robert Frost Farm and they close the farm buildings on October13! darn it. So It’s on my list for when they re-open next spring STILL withing the one year timeframe (yessss!)

#29 – to book 5 speaking engagements/book talks – is underway as well as I have one tentatively scheduled for Dec. 3rd and there is a group I spoke to last winter that is interested in having me come back this year after the first of the year. So 2 tentative dates towards that task!

#38 “to watch Mike compete in a powerlifting meet” – is just about a done deal as well. He is registered for a meet in Vermont the first weekend in November and he’s feeling strong!

#10 “take a trip to NYC” – we’re kicking around the idea for the first Saturday in December. It’s our favorite time to go and we missed last year due to wedding preparations and job obligations. We had a manifesting meal over it and it is now stuck front and center in my brain and will not budge so we will think positively on it for a couple of weeks and if the money presents itself or signs appear to that effect then we will go!


So lots of little irons of progress in the fire, very encouraging!!!

a few photos from Shogun!

Flaming ring of Onioncrispy salad with soup (no spoon)The chef

Photos from the last two Menu Manifestation meals – Caribbean Cruise and St. Thomas/St. Maarten:

Pics from the islands, Royal Caribbean glasses and hats, shot glasses and a palm tree!Cheesburgers in Paradise with shrimp and scallop risotto!



We will also be executing another kindness challenge secret squirrel mission tonight! How about you??!!





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So the “Mr.” and I had a fantastic anniversary yesterday. It was one of the luckiest days we have ever had!.

We knew that we were going to go to the flea market in Londonderry, NH to look for a few specific things namely cheap exercise equipment for his personal training clients and I wanted a sake set for when I cook our Japanese dinner.

Well, when we got to the flea market first of all we saw turtles for sale about on every other table. Now I LOVE turtles but we weren’t in the market for any so we let them be. In the first aisle we found cheap hockey equipment and bought him a few rolls of tape for  his sticks then at the end of that aisle we found a bar for his weight plates. A nice sturdy good quality bar for 5 bucks! sold! I then found 3 sets of tiny dragonfly lights for ,25cents. NOW those were not on the list BUT yesterday morning while waiting for him to get home from the gym I wrote a poem about all the dragon and damsel flies that have been zig-zagging at top speed past our big picture window! Too it as a good sign and bought them. Next aisle we are looking at dishes hoping to find some Japanese cups, etc and we find a deck of Royal Caribbean Playing cards. Now we are fiercely loyal to royal! We would be on a cruise right now if we could. Our first vacation was on the Mariner, we got engaged a year later on the Adventure and we took our honeymoon on the Freedom! Took it as a good sign and purchased for one dollar. two aisles away 20 minutes into the flea market among old LP’s and dusty dishes we find a completsake set with four cups for the bargain price of Two dollars for the whole thing!! Still had the stickers on and everything. Big Score! Then we here the vendors at the next table talking to some Jamaicans about a cruise they went on and etc. (one of our cruises took us to Jamaica) FYI still spotting oodles of turtles. Now, we wanted the sake set and the ex. equip. had no ideawhy we were seeing turtles or finding Royal Caribbean things BUT we were bothwearing shirts from our last cruise. I said to him we are going to see something else cruise related I can feel it, probably glasses." Sure enough on the other side of the flea market we spy 4 shotglasses withthe Royal Caribbean logo. We already have some so we left them but it was spooky and by now Mike is looking at me like I’m either psychic or psycho. Everything we wanted we found including a second Japanese tea set with four cups, notas cool as ours so we left it. But what are the odds of finding TWO sets the day you’re looking at a flea market in New Hampshire!! We also spied several pairs of hand weights but they were small and we have lots of those but they were almost as plentiful as the turtles! By now we were almost done and I wasn’t feeling too well from the heat but help on for one more aisle as Mike said "I don’t think we’re done finding lucky things." Was I beginning to rub off on him???? He was correct. Last aisle a book for personal trainers on exercise motivation we bargained and brought it home for a dollar! Truly a bizarre and productive day in which I believe we manifested our own luck! We put the thoughts out and focused on them and we were successful.

So cut to the grocery store where he decides to check his lottery ticket. Not a winner but I look down and see a scratch ticket witha "hotpotato" on it. I say we need one of those, as I was still red and feeling peekedfrom the heat and we both LOVE potatoes. However, I never scratch them in the store. So we head to the Hummer and grab a Hippo newspaper on the way. I open it up to the books section and find my Library BOOK SIGNING!!! advertised in the Hippo Yippeee!! AND drumrollXXXXXXXXXXXX right above it is an advertisement for a David Carroll book signing. Who is that? Well his nickname is "THE TURTLE MAN!" I have read all of his books and met him at the Audubon in Auburn with RJ one year when he was giving a talk. I also had met him briefly at our Library years ago when he stopped in lost and looking for directions to the college. So I believe that’s why we were seeing turtles all day. THEN..oh yes there’s more…on the SAME PAGE is a coupon for dinner to the Japanese Restaurant I am going to at the end of my crane project. So at this point I said we’re scratching that ticket!!

We did and we won!!! a dollar :)…We turned it in and I am keeping the dollar on my desk as a reminder of how focusing on your goals and dreams and staying positive can help manifest and make them come true!!! I may have actually converted Mike finally. He has seen good things happen to me but he is a man that needs tangible proof and yesterday he got that in spades!

Anything is possible!

A nap was required when we got home and should I even mention that on the kitchen table when I got home were plaques that my Mother had bought that I had been trying to find and the store was sold out??!! I had made him a sign for his business and wanted to make on for my writing business and couldn’t get the plaques and they appeared on the kitchen table. Thanks Mimi!…What a day…

Crane Count for lucky Day number 29 -6! I’ll take that number as it was a hell of a day!! LOL


Since this has already been too long…I will announce my new side project in tomorrow’s blog!!!

Think it! Believe it! Watch it happen!!! 🙂












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