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This is a continuation of my post from the other day. I had many comments, messages, & emails and a lot of you had some questions which I will answer here. I had thought of adding in the “food” part of my weight loss journey to the previous post but it already had topped out at 1,ooo+ words. So here’s what you asked for.

To lose 30 lbs since Dec. 1st did I do any exercise or any diet other than Zumba?

-The short answer is “not really.” I have been doing Zumba since Sept. I went from 2-3 classes a week to 2-3 days doing it at home when it was not offered at the gym. I don’t enjoy lifting weights but they are beneficial and I target my arms in particular by doing 3 specific arm exercises with weights starting with 5lb dumbbells in each hand and I now lift approx 17.5lbs@. It takes less than 10-minutes and that’s fine with me. I hate any exercise that involves the floor and Zumba helps your hips/waist and core but I wanted more so I added 100 crunches a day- done on a weight bench so I don’t have to get on the floor. I am up to 180 crunches a day as of this morning. You can work your abdominals every day so I do them 6 days a week and the weights are every other and that’s it for additional exercise. I was walking in the evenings when it was nice but due to the foot pain and rain that has been curtailed.

I was given a calorie/heart-rate watch for Christmas –  as the key for me BESIDE taking measurements was to know just how many calories I was burning. Of course its not as many as you think when you finish laundry or vacuuming – you do burn but it’s in the 1-200 range. I burn on average 1,000 calories and HOUR in a Zumba class. Once I had a concrete number it was a lot easier to manage my food intake. I am not on a diet, no packaged foods, shakes, meal replacements, bars, etc. I simply cut back. One motivation was the cruise we leave on on Saturday, I wanted to see how much I could lose before we left. My goal was 30 and I hit it.  Now, we all have been eating more salads and I have yogurt for breakfast as I LOVE dinner and would rather save my calories for then but we are not denied anything. Saturday, as a pre-Mother’s day treat we went for seafood. I had lobster, fried calamari, and a piece of decadent chocolate cake, I left most of my fries as the cake was more important – no one told me too  – it was a cheat day and my choice and dinner was a chef salad and no one felt deprived. I will say that I am one that has to have some kind of carb with lunches like salads and sandwiches. Special K’s Cracker crisps have been a lifesaver for me! you can have 27!! for 110 calories. Most chips or tortilla chips are 130-140 calories for roughly 8-13 chips. Can YOU stop at 8 chips? I can’t – I love counting out my 27 chips and seeing them on the table – psychologically it’s about the quantity and physically they taste good and coupled with a salad its a 400 calorie lunch! I am not a STRICT calorie counter but once I knew what I was burning I wanted to see what I was actually consuming and thought how many Zumba classes is it going to take to get rid of that?! Some foods were very surprising both good and bad in the calorie per serving and it helps just to be aware and we make decisions – if you want to eat ALL that then you have to step up the exercise the next day or it’ll be on your hips. It’s a choice and a balance and we are all eating healthier and more mindful and we actually spilt a piece of Ouzo poundcake for dessert the other night and I still lost a pound the next day.

I also suffer from sciatica which since about 3 months into the Zumba has lessened quite a bit. With the weight-loss I can go a week without throwing a knot in my back whereas before, I was in pain every single night. I had pain patches and was constantly having the knots “ground” out by the Mr. I also have suffered from knee pain since High School. It is almost non-existent as well. My joints are looser due to the exercise even with all that salsa and merengue and there is less weight for them to carry around.

Zumba has a Zumba Gold program for anyone with ailments of back and knee and for the older generation – it’s less impact and just as fun! So if you don’t think you can handle a regular, try a Gold or an Aqua Zumba in the pool. Zumba also builds into its routines and instructs us to do so as well several levels. So when we make a routine we start off slow, the next time we add a jump, the third time we add a kick. You can do all or just stay at the 1st level the choice is yours!!

Aside from my foot pain (which is tweaking my back a bit) I feel MUCH better than I have in years, the chronic pain that was my constant companion is gone and I have a lot more stamina and I now don’t have an aversion to sweating – it means my heart-rates up and the pounds are going down!

This is something with no end. This is not a diet that took out my carbs and fruit and sugar and adds them back in a week or  a month, this is not packaged food. I cook every night for us and I needed to do this this way, as we are Italian, we LOVE to eat, I like to make BIG Sunday dinners  I just needed to be mindful of what and how much and to literally get my ass in motion.

I think that answers everyone’s questions and concerns and I wish you all the best on your healthy journeys whatever they may be and I thank you for all your support and positive comments! I feel great and I am going to enjoy this cruise in clothes in a size that have been absent for years & I no longer dread the airline seat!

If you have any further comments or questions don’t hesitate to comment or message me!

Now, I am off to Zumba!


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